On August 20, we have elections. One could be worried because it is not seen that there are planned political recruitments in the parties that enable the identification of possible candidates and their positions, one can also criticize the very short time of the pre-election campaign for the distribution of proposals (9 days), but the truth is that I think that, unfortunately I hope I’m wrong, neither is that relevant in the end.

Political parties have a bad reputation due to the dissolution of the Assembly and the low level of trust and credibility in the polls; on the other hand, various studies show that in our countries people do not decide for a project or proposal, but for the messiah or against another candidate.

It is true that we will choose the paths of our homeland again and communication will be key.

Although each candidate contributes their own history and personality, they will eventually, with more or less professional support, be translated into convincing stories. In the show.

Manuel Vincent wrote in the newspaper El País: “It is said that reality does not exist: there is only news. I think a further step has been taken; There is neither reality nor news, there is only spectacle, since the human being has been turned into a seat that watches (…) Previously, the proletarians had to use their hands to work. Now they are asked to use them for applause.”

So get ready because the hunt has begun for media superheroes who can guarantee votes and “likes” in a short-lived contest.

I hope I’m wrong in everything I just wrote and that August proves otherwise.

The formula is not that difficult, referring to the text of journalist and professor Omar Rincón, we must promote a hero who protects us from all evil through a simple but emotionally impressive proposal that can be conveyed and repeated in two or three ideas at most.

This proposal must be related to personal problems, since in most countries that are considered “developing” voters decide according to their own plans and needs, without thinking about the welfare of the country.

Crime and insecurity lead all the indicators of concern today, so it is not surprising that the imaginary Rambo, with the symbol of a machine gun and a harsh and salutary speech, takes over the conversations and moves the election commission.

What do I feel? Fear will be the emotion that will define the next election. Although I would think that this has been the case in recent years, even if those are other fears. I also believe that hope for a better future is somehow lost and I hope that a less troubled present is being pursued.

History has taught us in a hidden, implicit way that things will not change, because we are a country without a vision of a country, where most care more about tearing down the other than collaborating.

I hope I’m wrong in everything I just wrote and that August proves otherwise. (OR)