“Let honesty never be an excuse for insulting others,” he said. Alejandra Jaramillo in the program whoever can sit. Program discussion topic unimas This Tuesday was: Insult honestly or lie for education?

On that very day, a video of the presenter kissing an influencer was leaked Beta Mejiawhich caused several comments in the Ecuadorian media. Nathalie Carvajal He did not lag behind and gave his opinion on the program From house to houseabout what would happen in between Alexander and Betawhose name is Jonathan Betancourt.

Alejandra Jaramillo and influencer Beta Mejía kissed at a concert? This is a video that raises doubts about their romance

“I don’t think that new romance sounds so… ‘romance’. She already had a few itches and I passed when she went to live and work in Miami“, He said Nathalie about an Ecuadorian woman who lives in the United States with her son Sebastian.

To that he added that it is good for him that he has new partners and that he believes in love.”but I feel like we got to know another side of Alejandra Jaramillo during her time in Miami. For me, she exposes her life more there, takes more risks than here in Ecuador”.

Followers of Esmeraldeña believe that what he expressed during SQP This is in response to user comments Nathalie. Alexander He said: “Honesty does not justify running over, commenting without education, without sensitivity, without common sense towards someone”

“To be rude is to be authentic without a healthy sense of respect, a basic form of coexistence for others. Anyone can tell the truth, but knowing how to tell that truth at the right time and in the right tone is a challenge.” (AND)

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