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A man who abused the children of his ex-partner will have to face another process for alleged femicide

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Jacinto Geovanny EC, who is serving two sentences for sexual abuse of his ex-partner’s children, will have to face a new trial for the alleged crime of femicide.

According to the State Attorney General’s Office, in the first days of February 2016, Blanca P., who was 26 years old, left her house, located in the Calderón parish, at the northern end of the capital, on her way to work.

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His two sons never heard of his whereabouts again. At night, her minors notified her uncles, the woman’s brothers, that she did not return home, but after failed attempts to find her, they filed a complaint for her disappearance.

Preventive prison for alleged femicide who hit and suffocated his partner for apparent infidelity, the incident occurred in Chanduy

After activating a search protocol, the location of a body in a state of decomposition was taken.

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The remains, indicated the Prosecutor’s Office, were raised on February 16, 2016 in a vacant lot in the Calderón parish. Blanca P.’s relatives confirmed that the body belonged to her sister’s.

“Due to the advanced state of decomposition of the corpse, the cause of death cannot be identified, although the medical examiner determined a fracture in the nose,” the entity mentioned.

With this indication, the Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation and requested the version of the three brothers of Bianca P., who confirmed that Jacinto EC had a relationship for two years and that she was the object of frequent physical, psychological and even sexual attacks.

In 2015, Blanca P. learned that her children had been sexually abused by her ex-partner. The defendant threatened to kill her if she denounced him and that she would have burned down her house, the girl’s relatives said, the institution said.

With these new indications, the body was exhumed, traces of violence were identified and it was determined that the cause of death was strangulation.

Man died buried while carrying out an excavation in a place where he worked as a bricklayer

This allowed the Prosecutor’s Office to formulate charges with the elements gathered such as the gender context expertise with which a power relationship was established, psychological assessment expertise, personality traits of the accused, assessment and psychological affectation of Blanca P’s children ., the two sentences for sexual abuse of minors and the recognition of the scene of the events.

A judge of Criminal Guarantees gave way to the beginning of the 90-day fiscal investigation for the alleged crime of femicide, said the Prosecutor’s Office, on Friday, August 5. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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