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In St. Petersburg, the season for selling smelt opens at the weekend

In St. Petersburg, the season for selling smelt opens at the weekend

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From April 15, seasonal points for the sale of smelt begin to work in St. Petersburg.

The season of work of trade facilities for the sale of Putin fish will last from April 15 to May 31, the city Committee for Property Relations reported.

Addresses of points for the sale of seasonal fish:

Vasileostrovskiy district:

  • Korablestroiteley street, section 159 (near house 21, building 1, letter A)

Vyborgsky district:

  • Vyborgskoe shosse, section 52 (northeast of house 1, letter A)
  • Vyborgskoye highway, section 53 (northwest of house 1, letter A)
  • 2nd Murinsky prospect, section 56 (northwest of the intersection with Institutsky prospect)
  • Torez Avenue, 2
  • Khudozhnikov Avenue, section 109 (southwest of the intersection with Lunacharsky Avenue)

Kalininsky district:

  • Enlightenment Avenue, section 105 (north-east of house 86, building 1, lit. A along Enlightenment Avenue)
  • Olga Forsh street (south-west of house 15, building 1, lit. A along Olga Forsh street)
  • Bestuzhevskaya street (corner of Bestuzhevskaya street and Zamshina street)
  • Zamshina street (to the north of house 27, building 1, letter A along Zamshina street)

Kirovsky district:

  • General Simonyak street, section 112 (near house 9, letter A)
  • Soldata Korzun street, section 132 (near house 40, letter A)
  • Avtovskaya street, section 129 (near house 3)
  • Krasnoputilovskaya street, section 116 (near house 13, letter A)
  • Krasnoputilovskaya street, section 117 (near house 29)
  • Veteranov Avenue, 78 (corner of Veteranov Avenue and Soldat Korzun Street)
  • crossroads of Veteranov avenue and st. Leni Golikova, near house 53

Krasnogvardeisky district:

  • Prospekt Nastavnikov, 21, letter A (St. Petersburg, Prospekt Nastavnikov, section 64 (south-west of house 21, letter A along Prospekt Nastavnikov))
  • Piskarevsky prospect, section 69 (north-east of house 39, letter A along Piskarevsky prospect)
  • Industrial Avenue, section 111 (southwest of building 27, letter A along Industrial Avenue)
  • Prospekt Nastavnikov (Prospekt Nastavnikov, 38)
  • Tallinskaya street (Tallinskaya street, building 7, letter L)
  • Zanevsky prospect, section 98 (near house 45, letter A along Zanevsky prospect)

Krasnoselsky district:

  • Partizan Herman street, section 72, (opposite house 22, letter A)
  • Marshal Zakharov street, section 104, (near house 21, letter A)
  • Kotina street, section 29, (near house 2, building 1, letter A)
  • Gorelovo municipal district, Toriki territory, Anninskoe highway, section 26, (“ring” of bus 442)
  • city ​​of Krasnoe Selo, Lenina avenue, at 85 on Lenina avenue (Svoboda street, section 8)
  • city ​​of Krasnoe Selo, Teatralnaya street, section 5, (to the north of house 6, letter A)

Moscow region:

  • Zvezdnaya street, section 125, (near house 16, letter A)

Nevsky district:

  • Dybenko street, section 115 (to the north of house 27, building 4, letter A)
  • Dybenko street, section 170 (north-east of house 27, building 4, letter A)
  • Solidarity Avenue, section 26 (north-east of house 11, building 1, letter A)

Primorsky district:

  • Utochkina street, 3, bldg. 1
  • Serebrysty Boulevard, at 20
  • Verbnaya street, section 2 (southwest of the intersection with Novokolomyazhsky pr.)
  • Verbnaya street, 19

Pushkinsky district:

  • Shushary village, Slavyanka territory, Rostovskaya street, section 6 (near house 17/4 at the intersection with Turovskaya st.)

Frunze district:

  • Budapestskaya street, section 171 (southeast of house 71, building 1, letter A along Budapeshtskaya street)
  • Budapestskaya street, section 291 (southwest of house 12/100, building 1, letter A on Yaroslav Hasek street)
  • Oleko Dundicha street, section 64 (southeast of house 34, building 1, letter A along Oleko Dundicha street)

Central District:

  • Voskresenskaya embankment (to the north of house 6-8, letter A along Voskresenskaya embankment)

Source: Rosbalt

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