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New violent death in Guayaquil: a man was shot at the entrance to Los Rosales, in the north

As Ricardo Pinto Mazza, 35, the victim was identified. The Police raised 14 ballistic evidence.

Ricardo Pinto Mazza, 35, was parked in his truck on Avenida Francisco de Orellana, near Los Rosales, when he was surprised by two armed men who shot him dead.

The crime occurred at 11:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 18, in the north of Guayaquil. Fourteen ballistic evidence was collected at the crime scene. Seven holes from the bullet holes were left in the car’s windshield and seven more in the rear glass of the car.

The Police arrived at the site, the body was lifted and the sector was analyzed in search of security cameras.

Trader was shot by a subject in the canton Ventanas

Thus it was discovered that the criminals crossed Francisco de Orellana Avenue and spent a few minutes watching the victim while he was in his vehicle.

Wilson Fernando Torres, a Florida district police officer, said that after Pinto was executed, the killers ran one block to where a black car awaited them in which they fled.

The Police also reported that the victim had three criminal records for the crimes of drug trafficking and possession of weapons. He was arrested in 2014 with 30 doses of drugs and although in 2015 he was dismissed, supposedly due to lack of evidence, the Police presume that he is dedicated to micro-trafficking and that is why they executed him.

So far in 2021, in Zone 8 (Guayaquil, Durán and Samborondón) at least 586 violent deaths have been registered. 80% of the crimes are for the fight of territory for the sale of drugs. (I)

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