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At least 51% of Peruvians evaluate leaving sports betting, according to study

Although with changes in their consumption habits, 58% of the Peruvian population sees their future in a positive way and a third of them feel stability in their life by 2022, according to a study by Omnicom Media Group (OMP).

According to the report “Ola XIV: evolutionary analysis of consumer habits and expectations” by OMP, the population is more cautious with their family expenses in the second half of the year, and this has meant a change in their patterns of purchasing goods and services for the future.

For example, 51% of the population indicates that they will stop gambling, mostly sports. They will also consume less video games, sporting goods, or alcoholic beverages.

Precisely, the heading of alcoholic drinks It is the one that varies the most compared to recent months, as 36% say they will consume less alcohol and 35% will stop doing so.

However, this situation of caution in consumption habits does not translate into an accentuated concern about their employment situation: 37% are very excited about the future in the company they work for and 51% think that, despite the situation, “things will stay put and they will find neutrality in their field”.

“In recent months, the recent Peruvian electoral campaign awakened a wave of uncertainty and pessimism in some sectors of the population. However, the evolutionary analysis of consumer habits and expectations also found more positive expectations in Peruvians regarding the new post-electoral stage and their future, ”the report states.

Omnicom: savings and family finances

This analysis is also related to the criterion of the population to manage their family expenses with greater caution. Both men and women indicate that they plan to save, while 34% of all people affirm that they will be attentive to the situation to determine how their family spending will be distributed.

Likewise, 6% doubt a lot about a future investment and only 2% say they will get the money out of the bank.

Omnicom: more online shoppers

On the other hand, people assure that they are taking advantage of online sites to make their purchases, the population between 45 and 54 years old has shown an increase over the average in virtual consumption during the last month.

Shopping in restaurants shows that 65% of the population prefers to use the service delivery as the main purchase channel, while for the purchase of basic food basket they prefer to do it in a traditional way.


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