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Accidentally found painting by Brueghel put up for auction for 600 thousand euros

Accidentally found painting by Brueghel put up for auction for 600 thousand euros


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A painting by 17th-century Flemish painter Pieter Brueghel (the Younger) discovered by chance in a house in France is to be sold at auction in Paris, Reuters reports.

The auction will take place on March 28, it is expected that the painting, which was initially considered a fake, will be sold for 600-800 thousand euros.

The painting “The Village Lawyer” (L’Avocat du village) was discovered by the auctioneer Malo de Lussac during an appraisal of the value of a single-family home. He found a painting outside the door of one of the rooms. Art critics have established that the work of art was painted between 1615 and 1617. The last generation of the family, who had owned it since the 1900s, was sure it was a fake.

The Village Lawyer is one of the largest known works by Brueghel the Younger. Its dimensions are 112 cm high and 184 cm wide. The painting that will go up for auction is one of the many copies of the painting with the same subject, which Brueghel the Younger painted many times under different names. Versions created by the artist at different times differ from each other.

In addition to the signed and dated versions of his The Village Lawyer, there are dozens of similar canvases whose authorship has not been confirmed.

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