Harlem was burning as if the world had come to an end. The mob vandalized everything in retaliation for the new racial crimes of the Ku Klux Klan. An Asian citizen wrote the sign “Chinito also from cololo” and put it on the front of his shop. A deterrence strategy that reflected empathy with African Americans and allowed him and his business to emerge from the “hurricane” intact. This is how Malcolm X (civil rights fighter and protagonist of the racial struggle of the violent sixties) conveys it in his biography.

Today, the world is still so violent, disordered, irrational, with complex problems beyond ethnic, social and geopolitical, in a global economy that preys on everything, squeezes the individual, drags him into pain, anxiety, madness. The power struggle for supremacy pits hegemonies against counter-hegemonies, unipolar vs. multipolar, and leads humanity towards a possible nuclear cataclysm, after spending 3 years waging crusades to supposedly save the world from sanitary extermination.

At the same time, the wrong economic policies of various regional governments — disconnected from their voters — lead to a general crisis, corruption, lack of governance, forced migration, discrimination, xenophobia and racism, unemployment, insecurity.

They cause instability and social upheavals, slow down development, lead rich countries into misery and configure ever weaker, more polarized and more explosive democracies. The COVID-19 pandemic has had numerous consequences on the mental health of the population; The helplessness of the state and the international crisis make it worse and create even more confusion.

In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine-NATO conflict and the earthquake in Turkey, waves of UFOs (unidentified flying objects) appear. The collective unconscious associates them with alien technology used by forces to demonstrate war capabilities, Blue Ray, the Tribulation, false prophets sending false signals warned of in Matthew 24, diversions from the Ohio radioactive disaster, aliens sent to stop self-destruction in the face of a possible nuclear meltdown. conflict or to erase all traces of human stupidity. Pessimistic voices advise the collection of iodine, canned products, water; to have an escape plan to the poles, the mountains, in that survival instinct like in Harlem in the sixties; in “he who can save himself” where hardly anyone can be saved.

The people feel betrayed by the government they elected and swore to protect, which ignores their life needs, denies them the right to health, education, employment, social security and a dignified life. where few enjoy privileges and most are left stranded. In the event of a “burning Troy,” as many predict, with no one to turn to, it wouldn’t sound unreasonable to strategically empathize with the “exalted”—whether they come from the wasteland or another galaxy—and have everyone write their big, legible sign. I already have mine ready. He might look like a Chinese citizen to us. (OR)