Since the disappearance of Mrs. Maria Duarte from the residence of the Argentine Embassy in Quito, several serious events have occurred, including the declaration of persona non grata by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Argentine Ambassador. We have learned, after several additional events, which have enabled us to appreciate the existence of a conspiracy which reveals an agreement between at least two countries conspiring to defraud the State of Ecuador, which will compel it to adopt even more vigorous measures than initialing one of the declarations of persona non grata to the aforementioned ambassador.

The late information about the disappearance of the person who was granted asylum by the government was already suspicious, but it was even more suspicious when it became known that at the time of the Argentine information, Mrs. Duarte was already in Caracas with the Argentine ambassador to Venezuela.. We do not know which one arrived in that country, but it is not risky to conclude that he did it by flying a private plane over Colombia, and this country should have information about that flight, which must have been recorded. In order to facilitate Mrs. Duarte’s departure, in the days before the official notification, a kind of official invitation was placed in the Embassy residence, with all the insolence, on which there were diplomats with their vehicles with the corresponding diplomatic plates. Ms. Duarte is believed to have escaped in one of those vehicles with diplomatic license plates. Argentina’s opposition reacted with indignation to this harsh action by its government, saying that Argentine territory should not be used to protect criminals.

Guillermo Lasso questioned Argentine President Alberto Fernández for prioritizing his friendship with Rafael Correa

Alberto Fernández responds to Guillermo Lasso and says they are responsible for the escape of María de los Ángeles Duarte in Ecuador, not Argentina

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has so far responded by declaring the Argentine ambassador persona non grata, which was fine at first, but not enough given the new information that shows deliberate action by the Argentine government.

President Guillermo Lasso said in a brief statement that he “deeply regrets that President (Alberto) Fernández put his personal friendship and political identity with (Rafael) Correa ahead of the fraternal relationship between the people of Argentina and Ecuador.” President Lasso located the reason for the action of the Argentine president, but the announcement of the punishment means very little considering the seriousness of the offense. We have to react energetically and there is no other option than to break off, break diplomatic relations between the two countries. If we don’t continue like this, tomorrow anyone will hold a grudge against us.

Every day the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has new information about this agreement between the countries of “socialism of the 21st century”, which so far includes Venezuela, which protects Ms. Duarte. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must submit this information to the Attorney General’s Office to investigate and determine the participation of Ecuadorians in this crime that is carried out by seeking the support of foreign powers against the honor, sovereignty, security and judicial decisions of Ecuador. .

This insult and the Government’s reaction will remain recorded in history. (OR)