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The FSB stopped the work of a printing house in Dagestan that printed more than a billion fake rubles

The FSB stopped the work of a printing house in Dagestan that printed more than a billion fake rubles

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The FSB announced the detention and arrest of 11 people in the case of the production of counterfeit 5,000-ruble banknotes in Dagestan. According to Interfax, this activity was stopped by the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to investigators, “conspiratorial large-scale production of counterfeit banknotes” was organized in the Levashinsky district of Dagestan, the annual volume of counterfeit products manufactured and sold exceeded 1 billion rubles.

“In order to sell the manufactured products, OPS units were created, aimed at selling large batches of counterfeit banknotes in the territories of various constituent entities of the Russian Federation,” the FSB said.

The Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the North Caucasian Federal District initiated a case on the fact under Part 3 of Art. 186 of the Criminal Code (manufacture, storage, transportation or sale of counterfeit money or securities). In the case, 18 searches were carried out at the homes of suspects in Dagestan, Ingushetia, Chechnya and the Rostov region.

“During the searches, (…) more than 20 million counterfeit rubles were discovered and seized (…) components of a cliché for making Russian rubles, a matrix for making US dollars, a complex of computer equipment for printing money, professional means of reproducing banknote security elements, specialized money paper with printed on it with watermarks, paint and other components used to make counterfeit banknotes, communications equipment, flash media, computer equipment, bank cards, as well as reporting accounting documents of criminal activity,” the FSB said.

At one of the addresses during the searches, more than 300 ammunition for the AK-74 assault rifle was found. From the press release of the Ministry of Internal Affairs it follows that they were found in a private house in the Levashinsky district of Dagestan, where a printing press and a cliché for making banknotes with a face value of five thousand rubles and one hundred US dollars, paint, paper, as well as components necessary to imitate funds were found banknote protection.

In the Rostov region, the Stavropol Territory, in Ingushetia, Chechnya and Dagestan, the facts of the sale of counterfeit five thousandth banknotes in the amount of 11 million rubles were documented, the Interior Ministry added. According to investigators, fakes were sold at a price one and a half to two times lower than their face value, while distinguishing them from genuine ones was possible only with the help of special equipment.

“One of the alleged participants in the criminal scheme, who was responsible for the transportation of fakes, was detained by police in the city of Pyatigorsk. She carried 1,271 counterfeit banknotes in the amount of more than 6.3 million rubles in her bag,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

Source: Rosbalt

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