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Scientists from Harvard have found out where the most unhappy people work

Scientists from Harvard have found out where the most unhappy people work

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Scientists from Harvard Medical School have completed one of the longest-running studies and found out which factor most influences whether we feel happy or not. According to CNBC, researchers have been analyzing the health information of more than 700 participants in the experiment for several decades. They asked them questions about life, mental and emotional well-being. And it turned out that the secret to a happier, healthier and longer life lies not at all in money or professional success.

As one of the authors of the Harvard study, Professor Robert Waldinger, explained, the most important and urgent social need that must be satisfied in all aspects of our lives is positive relationships with others.

Thus, it turns out that the most “unhappy jobs” are those where a person has to interact with colleagues at a minimum and where he has no opportunities at all to build meaningful relationships with them.

“If you connect with people at work (even within the work team), you feel more satisfied with your work and perform your duties better,” says Waldinger.

There are jobs that do not really involve active communication with colleagues – for example, a truck driver, a night guard. But not only. According to the researchers, not only the quantitative indicator is important, but also the quality of communication. Even those whose work involves people can feel isolated if they don’t have positive, meaningful interactions with them.

According to scientists, people who have a friend or buddy at work are more productive and more passionate about their work than those who do not.

Feeling isolated from others at work can also be unhealthy: recent research has shown that as we get older, loneliness becomes a risk factor.

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