Property registrations on the Guayaquil Stock Exchange (BVG) increased by 20.68% in the first two months of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022.

This was highlighted by the entity when it reported that fourteen titles totaling $92.56 million were registered between January and February, compared to $76.70 million for titles registered between January and February last year.

These five companies sought financing on the stock exchange in the first quarter of 2022

Of the current amount, according to BVG, 61% correspond to large companies, and 39% to medium-sized companies. He also announced the important issues of Ecuadorian companies.

“It is always a great pleasure for the BVG that large, medium and small companies bet and make a decision on entering the stock exchange. These are decisions that allow companies to grow and contribute to the national economy,” said Ricardo Rivadeneira, president of the BVG board.

The executive director pointed out some of the companies that issued issues in these two months, such as the case of Corporación Fernández, which entered the capital market by secondary registration of its shares worth 11.5 million dollars through BVG.

Rivadeneira explained that the secondary stock market trades in titles that have already been issued and their goal is for shareholders to be able to sell them in order to obtain liquidity.

Likewise, it allows interested persons to know the price of transactions made on the stock exchange with Corporación Fernández shares. Investors can buy shares through an authorized brokerage house.

Another company that issued titles was Salcedo Motors. It was the second issue of short-term obligations or commercial notes of the company in the amount of three million dollars, for the structuring and marketing process of which the brokerage house Futuro was in charge.

Corporación Fernández goes public for the eighth time with the subscription of its shares for 11.5 million dollars

Salcedo Motors was founded as a company on July 10, 2012 and belongs to the Salcedo Group. The main activities are the import, export and marketing of cars, as well as the sale of spare parts and other maintenance services.

The funds obtained from this issue will be used to purchase inventory that contributes to the growth of projects that Salcedo Motors currently has with major companies around the world. Pedro Arcentales, legal representative of Salcedo Motors, emphasized the trust that the stock exchange provides due to the seriousness and transparency of the process.

Pronobis also announced the fourth issue of short-term obligations or commercial paper in the amount of up to 4 million dollars. The issue was supported by Silvercross Casa de Valores in structuring and placement.

Juan Guillermo Rodríguez, financial director of Pronobis, pointed out that the confidence the company has placed in the stock market is mainly due to the dynamism, versatility and opportunities it provides to be able to structure new forms of financing for its projects.

“The resources will be used to restructure short-term liabilities, giving the company time to generate liquidations of its projects until 2024, such as Midtown and Soho 360,” Rodríguez said.