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Community of Carchi was left incommunicado after the destruction of two bridges due to the overflow of the El Carmen River

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Some 1,200 people were trapped in the Monte Olivo parish, located 98.3 km from Tulcán, in the Bolívar canton, on the border between Carchi and Imbabura, after the overflow of the El Carmen River.

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The current carried away the carriage bridge last Friday and yesterday the pedestrian bridge, the only pipeline that allowed entering or leaving this sector, according to Eduardo Benalcázar, a farmer in the area.

The heavy rainfall recorded since last Friday overflowed the banks of the tributary, dragging stones and plant material that destroyed the infrastructure.

Evacuated families, loss of tilapia pools and blocked roads, the havoc in the Amazon due to heavy rains

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“The river grew excessively, taking away the pedestrian bridge that communicates with the parish, advantageously at that time there were no motorcycles or people circulating,” explained Azucena Chacua.

Since Friday, before the flood of the torrent, the vehicles were on the other side of the river and the drivers and companions crossed walking through the aerial viaduct, now with the destruction of this we are incommunicado, said Franklin Osejos, president of the parish government.

The authority said that stone material accumulated, flooding the place and destroying the infrastructure. The hanging passage was built fourteen years ago, the strength of the downpours burst the foundations, according to the residents.

Benalcázar stated that they are requesting the Prefecture of Carchi to move heavy equipment to this place, they hope that their request is accepted; Meanwhile, the Municipality of Bolívar has announced that it will arrive in the next few hours.

There is concern because 600 boxes of granadilla, 100 packages of avocado and 100 packages of onion are dammed up at this site, they did not make it to the Monday fair in Ibarra and Bolívar after the event, since there are no alternative routes.

Rains cause problems in drinking water systems in Tungurahua; landslides and floods cause other effects in Pastaza

Production on our land is at risk and could be damaged if there is not a prompt and timely solution, Chacua said. “Our town is in the middle of the El Carmen, Palmar and Córdova rivers, and borders on the Ecuadorian East, with no communication routes,” Benalcázar emphasized.

Six days ago the families managed to stock up on domestic gas, while the stores due to the strike are out of supplies, they have 20% of products, food and articles, something that worries the local authorities.

In desperation, six parishioners using a system of canopy Installed between the hill of San Agustín and land that is in front of the parish to promote tourism, they managed to leave the populated center.

Several inhabitants want to risk being suspended and sliding through the air through the cables that are intertwined from point to point to leave the town.

Residents of this sector also reported that kilometers further on, the Apaquí River, which connects Imbabura and Carchi, overflowed its banks, flooding large hectares of crops in the Caldera and Piquiucho (Carchi) sectors, leaving incalculable losses so far. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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