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Given the increase in the price of oil in Ecuador, these are the alternatives for cooking food

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That the bolón bathed in oil does not taste the same as cooked and browned in the oven, says Pamela, a young university student who lives with her parents in Guayaquil.

She claims that she is used to eating something fried at least once a day: be it fish, shrimp, eggs, chicken, meat or chorizo. Although he likes salads, he says that his family has that custom.

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“Is it impossible not to eat fried fish with rice and without fried greens or sweet plantains? I’m not going to eat cooked fish or rice without oil. Worse that the green is roasted. It is true that the price of oil has risen, but we have butter, lard and now this popular oil”, says Pamela.

More than a month has passed since the increase in oil due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the high value of sea freight. These products cost between $2.50 to $5.99, according to the presentations. And it also varies according to the type, those made from palm are cheaper, within that elevation, than those made from sunflower.

According to the INEC, vegetable oil was one of the products that most affected the category of food and non-alcoholic beverages in inflation. This represented 0.2313% of the monthly inflation of last May, which stood at 0.56%.

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The popular oil is already sold in neighborhood stores in $1 presentations

In this context, a few days ago began the distribution of a popular oil by the companies La Fabril, Danec and Ales, following an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG). This oil is 20% cheaper compared to the usual ones.

However, nutritionists They recommend other alternatives to cook food without relying on oil, which causes damage to health. And they emphasize habits.

For example, the nutritionist Lourdes Fariño He says that citizens see this situation as a dead end because “they are used to using a large amount of oil even to fry proteins and even add oil to rice.”

shared criteria the medical nutritionist Narcisa Zambrano and the graduate in nutrition, dietetics and aesthetics Sussy Corral.

“We have gained oil as a bad habit, not everything is frying. What food requires is that it be cooked, nothing more”, explains Corral, adding that the method is to change the way of cooking.

The three experts see this scenario as an opportunity to change eating practices and also to save on certain products.

Oil free options

1. Boil

Experts advise boiling food and taking advantage of the fat of chicken, meat, pork, among others.

“If you put it over low heat and cover it well, it dries out and browns. It is fried with its own fat and it does not need a large quantity of oil”, explains Zambrano.

Corral indicates that making a mixture of species makes the flavor improve. And he adds that, with rice, only water and a little salt is enough.

2. Steamed

This is a technique for crispy vegetables, says Corral. She advises using it because it helps prevent nutrients from being lost as occurs when frying food.

For example, chicken with carrots, broccoli and bell peppers.

3. Bake

In this alternative for Fariño, meats can be cooked without oil. You can make stews and stews.

In addition, he states that for those who do not have a kitchen with an oven, they can use the electric one with a single grill. He ensures that the prey is also cooked well.

4. Grill

For Corral, it is one of the best ways of cooking. He says that the smoky flavor gives a better “punch” to foods.

He regrets that, in general, it is used when it comes to festivities.

5.Air fryer

The specialists mention that this alternative is for those who have the purchasing power to buy it. They ensure that food can be cooked quickly without using oil.

“It would be a good investment because the idea is also to have good eating habits,” says Fariño.

Options with little oil or butter

1. Grilled, in a sandwich maker or in a waffle maker

Faced with the increase in the price of oil, Ecuadorians are also looking for cheaper presentations or substitutes such as vegetable shortening.

For Fariño, it is not ideal, but if there is no other alternative, he advises use it in small amounts. “If it is sporadic, there is no problem, but if it is daily it will have an impact on health,” he says.

Another way is a oil sprayCorral says. “You put your little bit of oil and with that you sprinkle on your heat source,” says the expert.

Food can be cooked in a waffle maker, sandwich maker, grilled or in a pan, which is the most common.

“Let us remember that if we use butter, it must be a little bit and with that we make the whole lunch. The problem is also the excessesof wanting to bathe meals with oil, lard, butter”, says Corral.

2. Frying pan

The technique of the previous point can be used, but the specialists also recommend wet a napkin with a few drops of oil and pass it through the pan.

“You take a napkin, wet it a little with the butter or oil. What you held on the napkin is the only thing you’re going to use. No more. And so you get used to not wasting. The meat or carbohydrates are left to cook with the heat conduit”, adds Corral.

Zambrano says that practices are also carried out with the frying pan, either with oil or achiote, which are not necessary. And he considers that products are wasted.

At least five taxes are paid by natural persons in Ecuador

“The famous refried food that is made with achiote is not necessary because if you take all the elements, blend them or chop them well, onion, tomato, pepper, etc., and bring it to a boil and you do not need to do it the other way. because in reality that color does not give flavor to your food, nor does the shine of the oil, rather it is harmful. You are saturating it more than it already is and turning it into bad fat”, argues Zambrano.

Which is the best option?

According to Corral, it is the extra virgin olive oil adequate, but in small quantities.

“It is an oil that lasts for months. I always recommend investing in good products, but it is important to take care of the amount”, he clarifies.

Instead, Fariño recommends the coconut oilalthough it highlights that both are expensive.

What harm does frying food cause to my health?

According to Fariño, when foods smoke when fried, they are reaching high temperatures quickly, which produces “many free radicals that are inflammatory for the body.”

‘When I had a tooth pulled, I couldn’t eat bananas, because it was unremarkable.’ Do unconventional foods really exist?

And that’s when one is born proinflammatory diseasesays Corral, who emphasizes that only omega 3 is anti-inflammatory.

Zambrano points out that by maintaining this custom, there is excess calories that raise bad cholesterol, damage arteries and cause heart disease over time. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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