In the report of the Special Commission, which gave way to the resolution of the plenary session of the Assembly of March 4, 2023, in which the President of the Republic Guillermo Lasso was impeached with 104 votes, it was recommended to try to achieve his dismissal, the alleged illegality of the funds in the 2021 campaign is called into question. . and it is stated that, in relation to the election campaign of Lasso and Vice President Alfredo Borrero, “By participating in a couple, their behavior cannot be individualized, but the facts would be presented if the irregularities were checked, affecting them as a whole, both their political rights as citizens and as public servants.”

In combination? Bound? Or as “Siamese twins” – these are children who are born joined by a part of the body, be it chest, navel, back, skull and/or brain, and cannot be separated? ? If the president leaves, should the vice president also leave?

IACHR Rapporteur for Ecuador calls for respect for constitutional order and due process before possible impeachment of Guillermo Lasso

Who would be the successor in power if the president and vice president of the Republic were missing at the same time? The last paragraph of Art. 146 of the Constitution reads: “In case of simultaneous and final absence in the Presidency and Vice-Presidency of the Republic, the Speaker of the National Assembly will temporarily take over, and the State Electoral Council will call for elections for said positions within forty-eight hours. Those elected will hold office until the end of the term. In the event that he is absent for one year or less, the President of the National Assembly assumes the Presidency of the Republic until the end of the term..

The President of the National Assembly, Virgilio Saquicela, supports the eventual impeachment of the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso

It would really be insane to carry out destabilization in Ecuador. I am not suggesting any cover up at all….

Times? Names? Nothing fixed. Even when it is with the accelerator, from the presentation of the request for impeachment against the president – and the vice president to take that possibility – to learn about the causes that are called for the Constitutional Court to declare on its admissibility; and the subsequent procedure for its extension by the said Court, in case it is approved, already in the Assembly, until the vote at the plenary session, all the more so that in May 2023 the mandates of the president and more powers of the Assembly, as well as the members of the commissions, are only certain that everything will be seen.

The report and resolution of the Assembly of March 4 are political facts, not legal instruments.

Who would be appointed as the President of the Assembly next May, how long would he be the interim President of the Republic, because elections should be called in 48 hours.

It would really be insane to carry out destabilization in Ecuador. I am not suggesting any cover-up, but everything must be in accordance with the Law and transparent.

In turn, the Government has an inescapable obligation to the Ecuadorian people to overcome disrespect and ensure efficiency in the management and delivery of public services. There are deficiencies in the provision of emergency cases whose attention should be a priority. (OR)