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Veterinarians reveal why cats turn their water bowl over

Veterinarians reveal why cats turn their water bowl over

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If a domestic cat regularly turns its bowl of water over or refuses to drink from it, this is not due to whims, but to very real reasons, veterinarians say. The owner should pay attention to the pet’s signals and check what is wrong with his drinker, the portal writes.

In particular, the bowl may not be clean enough. Cats are clean animals that do not tolerate dirty bowls and low-quality food. And even if the owner changes the water every day, but does not wash the container, then after a while it starts to smell unpleasant, and the walls of the vessel become slippery. So, when changing the water in the drinker, it must be thoroughly washed – otherwise the water will start to go out immediately after the change.

Also, animals may not like that water and food are too close. Such cats prefer to look for liquid in other places and will gladly drink water from the owner’s mug. If you are not ready to share your dishes with a pet, do not leave the cups unattended. And put the cat’s drinker at some distance from the food bowl.

It is important to remember that those animals that eat dry food must have constant access to clean and fresh water.

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