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Only 50 cents.  This is the cost of a reliable trick for a drooping eyelid without using a scalpel

Only 50 cents. This is the cost of a reliable trick for a drooping eyelid without using a scalpel

Some people have droopy eyelids from birth, while others develop droopy eyelids as they age. How can they be eliminated using home remedies? It turns out that there are some tricks that will make you not have to use aesthetic medicine right away.

For many people, drooping eyelids are problematic. Mainly because it is usually more difficult to apply make-up on it. It turns out, however, that you do not have to immediately use the services of aesthetic medicine to reduce its visibility. Clever and appropriate technique of painting eyelids will help here.

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Apply these remedies in the morning or before an important occasion. The drooping eyelid will be less visible

The visibility of drooping eyelids can be reduced with several home remedies. If we care about long-term effects, we should systematically perform facial massage and yoga, which will gently lift the eyelids. You have to be regular and consistent, and the effects usually take many weeks. But what if we don’t have that much time?

It is worth using home compresses for the eyelids. The effects will be visible immediately, but only for a few hours. That is why they are great to try them out before important exits. You can use chilled cucumber slices for this. It is enough to apply cold compresses to closed eyelids. After 20 minutes you will notice the effects.

The trick of using two chamomile bags after brewing will also work great. We will pay about PLN 2-4 for the whole package, so the “one-time treatment” will cost us about 50 groszy, and it will perfectly reduce swelling and make the drooping eyelid less visible. All you need to do is put the bags squeezed out of the liquid in the fridge for a while to cool down, and then put them on your closed eyes. After 20 minutes, the effects will be visible. It is also worth highlighting them with makeup.

How to paint a drooping eyelid? Proper make-up technique is essential

How to paint a drooping eyelid to reduce its visibility? First of all, remember to apply light shadows in the inner corner, and then combine them with darker ones, so that the outer corner has the greatest concentration of intense color. Also, don’t forget to use a matte brown eyeshadow to define the eyelid crease. On the drooping eye you have to paint them yourself. How to do it?

Looking in the mirror straight ahead, cover the falling fold with shadow. Rub the brown so that a delicate cloud of color is created, thanks to which you will optically enlarge and open the eye. Finally, add a bit of illuminating color under the eyebrow arch and in the inner corners. Accurate mascara and gluing of false eyelashes will also make a big difference.

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