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For the fifth time, there is no pre-trial hearing against those involved in the murder of Gerardo Delgado

For the fifth time, there is no pre-trial hearing against those involved in the murder of Gerardo Delgado

Montecristi, MANABI

Once again it was not possible to hold the preparatory hearing for the trial against those involved in the murder of journalist Gerardo Delgado Olmedo, an event that occurred exactly six months ago in the La Paola sector, in the Montecristi canton.

Carlos Piedra, Montecristi prosecutor, regretted that this hearing was not held for the fifth time due to the absence of the defendants’ defense lawyers, and in which he would present the accusatory prosecutor’s opinion against Germy VZ and Juan Carlos EL, detained at a few hours after the crime occurred, which occurred on August 10.

“But it happens that because of the lawyers who were not present, who again hinder the normal development of the hearing or the proceeding who did not appear, and obviously that could not be given, it is unfortunate that the lawyers use these alternatives of not coming to the hearings to delay a process”, declared Piedra.

They would have offered to pay $2,000 for the murder of journalist Gerardo Delgado

According to the prosecutor, the two defendants allege that they wish to be defended by their private lawyers and not by the delegates of the Public Defender’s Office as they have proposed so that the process does not delay.

Now the new date of the pre-trial hearing will be awaited.

Diana Olmedo, mother of the communicator, who was director of the informative page Hello Manta TV.

Gerardo Delgado, the communicator murdered in Manta, told neighborhood stories and his popularity outlined him as a candidate for councilor

The woman indicated that despite the fact that the family has not filed a complaint, she hopes that the defendants will be sentenced, even more so after they stated that they were responsible.

She believes that the detainees will be punished, because she trusts in it and also in divine justice.

“I only hope that God sends his divine justice, I only hope that, I am very Catholic and I know that God has always helped me,” recalled Gerardo’s mother, who was left speechless and with tears when she was asked what it has been like to live without the eldest of his sons six months after his murder. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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