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Three cantons of Esmeraldas face a new scheduled shortage of drinking water

Three cantons of Esmeraldas face a new scheduled shortage of drinking water

Three cantons of Esmeraldas face a new scheduled shortage of drinking water


The joint public company for Drinking Water and Sanitation Esmeraldas (Emapse) reduced the distribution of drinking water due to a lack of chemical products for its purification.

The programmed rationing began on the afternoon of Monday the 6th, and the production of the vital liquid was reduced from 1,800 liters to 500 liters per second.

The presence of rain in the Esmeraldas river basin and the increase in the turbidity of the raw water require a greater process to make it drinkable.

Empse is taking steps to ensure that the shipment of aluminum polychloride arrives as soon as possible for purification at the San Mateo plant.

Pabel Muñoz, the mayor-elect of Quito, will need consensus within the Council, where six movements will come together

Until then, rationing is maintained in Esmeraldas, the Atacames, Rioverde cantons and areas of influence, this company reported.

But the decrease in drinking water has been evident for several days, for up to five hours, in some sectors, said Magdalena Gómez, owner of a laundry in the Los Girasoles neighborhood, south of the city.

María Angulo, a resident of the Codesa neighborhood, said that rationing is daily and you have to be careful to fill containers and containers.

Mount Sinai Hospital will hire around 1,400 workers; in the second semester there will be a new call

In September 2022, there was also a shortage of vital liquid for four days, due to damage to a 10 MW transformer in the electrical substation of the San Mateo plant.

$130 million was invested in the rehabilitation and expansion of the regional drinking water system for the cantons of Esmeraldas, Atacames and Rioverde, with financing from the State Bank.

It is planned to supply a future population of 540,722 inhabitants, with a demand of 2.95 m³/s, to cover the needs of the beneficiary population until 2040.

Some of these works have not been finished. The competition was handed over by the State in 2022 to the municipal association of the three cantons, chaired by Mayor Lucía Sosa. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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