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Guayaquil residents almost tripled the census of La Aurora, in Daule, from 2017 to these 2023 elections

Alexandra Cornejo Salvatierra, 51, is among the thousands of Guayaquileños who stopped voting in Guayaquil and now vote in La Aurora parish of the Daule canton, in Guayas.

In your case, It is the third time he has done so after he changed his electoral address. Until 2017, she grew up and lived in the Alborada citadel, in the north of Guayaquil. After getting married and making her home, she moved to a house that she bought in one of the La Aurora urbanizations, which is separated from the urban limits of the capital of Guayas only by crossing a bridge.

One of the situations with which he now runs into is that he does not know most of the candidates. Of the mayors ballotFor example, I only knew two of the five candidates for mayor of Daule. “Only those two campaigned; the rest I just saw on the ballot. And, generally, the vote leans towards acquaintances”, he affirms.

After voting for most of his life at the Vicente Rocafuerte Secular University, in the election on February 5, 2023, he voted for the Nueva Aurora Educational Unit.

He The number of voters in La Aurora went from 14,507 to 37,440 voters between 2017 and 2023, an increase of 158%the largest increase of all the parishes in the country, which reflects the population explosion from Guayaquil to the areas contiguous to its northern and eastern urban limit, marked by the Daule and Guayas rivers.

Alexandra says that she left Guayaquil in search of a gated community that offers more security and tranquility. Her offer when she bought her home was concentrated in this Dauleña parish where there is a high development of real estate projects.

Alexandra Cornejo waiting to exercise her right to vote at the Nueva Aurora Educational Unit. Photo: Xavier Ramos

Now his hope is that the mayors who take office have a global vision of all the development of Greater Guayaquil, considered the largest urban conglomerate in the country.

The population summoned to vote (those aged 16 or over) in this conglomeratewhich includes, in addition to the urban areas of Guayaquil, the parishes of La Puntilla (Samborondón), La Aurora and the Durán canton, sum total 2’211,571 voters in these 2023 elections.

José Burgos Baque, 44, went from living in Bastión Popular, in the northwest of Guayaquil, to the Villa Club urbanization, in Daule. He says that his economic capacity was enough to buy a house in that closed citadel and that he left Guayaquil in search of more security, like Alexandra. “I’ve been voting here (in La Aurora) since 2013, almost ten years now,” he says.

He travels daily to Guayaquil across the bridge, since he continues to work in that city, for which reason he requests greater connections to facilitate mobilization. “The number of vehicles has increased, there are more and more vehicles, so there must be more alternative routes.”

José is from Guayaquil at heart, but he was actually born in Lascano in the Paján canton (in Manabí). He arrived in Guayaquil when he was 15 years old. He says it was the city that gave him opportunities to prosper.

He voted in the Mariana Gallardo Fiscal School with his daughter’s company, and hopes that the quality of services improves.

José Burgos Baque is a Manabita who migrated to Guayaquil when he was fifteen years old and now lives in La Aurora. Photo: Xavier Ramos

With the change of canton, the entities that provide the services also vary. Drinking water in La Aurora is in charge of the Municipal Drinking Water and Sewerage Company of the Daule canton (Emapa EP).

alexandra did a claim for the water bill, which went from an average of $50 to $149almost three times, from one month to the next.

“We complain because there are only three of us living and nothing has happened to make it increase. They went to my house, they checked, they inspected, they told us that we had to change the seal, the meter, because it was old. We bought my house second-hand, but later the company told us that everything was fine, that nothing should be changed. They told us one thing and then another, ”she says.

She is waiting for the value that will appear in the next spreadsheet. The $149 had to be paid to give way to the claim, she claims.

One of the meetings at the Marina Gallardo Tax Basic Education School in La Aurora parish, in Daule. Photo: Xavier Ramos

His brother Iván Cornejo, who also voted in Guayaquil and now in La Aurora, also believes that municipal services must improve. But the greatest citizen demand for it is more fluid mobility to reduce travel time, since most of those who now live in La Aurora work in Guayaquil.

It takes Iván up to 30 minutes to get to his job site under normal traffic conditions, from La Aurora to the sector near the José Joaquín de Olmedo airport. The time is 45 minutes or an hour when there is more congestion.

“The issue is that light cars come together with heavy transportation that goes along Febres-Cordero avenue (which crosses La Aurora),” he says. (YO)

Voting at the Marina Gallardo Public School, in La Aurora parish. Photo: Xavier Ramos
The vote in the Jacarandá Private Educational Unit. Photo: Xavier Ramos

Source: Eluniverso


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