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The psychologist told how to understand that you do not respect yourself

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Learning to respect yourself is very easy. The famous psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky spoke about the only simple rule in his Telegram channel. He also explained how easy it is to understand that you don’t respect yourself. There is one clear sign of this.

“If you admire a friend who buys an apartment, gets a promotion or passes an exam, and devalues ​​your own achievements, then this is a sign that you do not respect yourself,” the psychologist explained. – An illustrative example is when, after some luck and success in life, instead of gratitude, you “devour” yourself from the inside with thoughts: “If I spent less, I would buy a bigger apartment”, “I would have been promoted earlier if I had been more persistent”, “I could have passed the exam better.”

According to the psychologist, “a person who never respects himself will not devalue his efforts and belittle his dignity and success.” This is the main sign of a self-respecting person. But you need to respect yourself in the same way as you respect other people.

An indicator of self-respect can be, for example, work.

“Here, as a rule, there are clear time limits: when you should work, and when you should not. And the way you observe these boundaries is an indicator of your respect for yourself, ”Labkovsky explained.

The psychologist offers an honest answer to three simple questions: Do you like your job? Are you afraid of your boss? Do you work on weekends, in the evenings, at night?

“If it suddenly turns out that you are working at a hated job, and even after hours and, like a cherry on a cake, you are scared to death of your bosses, what does this say? That’s right, low self-esteem. Not a single self-respecting person will spend the most precious thing – their own life – on an unloved business, ”says Labkovsky.

Source: Rosbalt


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