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They steal money from an ATM located in the southwest of Guayaquil

They steal money from an ATM located in the southwest of Guayaquil

Robberies and attacks on ATMs are becoming more frequent in Guayaquil. In the early morning of this Tuesday, January 31, anti-socials violated two of these teams located outside a supermarket chain store, located on 17th and Portete streets, in the southwest of the city.

It was previously reported that the antisocials managed to steal the money from one of the ATMs, but the amount has not yet been determined. The Police are on the spot carrying out the necessary tests.

Damage to the door of an ATM cubicle in the center of Guayaquil caused concern among users

The attackers would have entered the commercial premises through the main door and internally the two teams that correspond to two different banking entities struggled.

Explosive devices would have been used in this crime. While they were perpetrating the robbery, the Police were alerted to the fact and arrived at the scene, so the antisocials fled, the television station reported. ecuavisa.

That is why they did not take the money from the other ATM whose fire alert was activated.

This is the second attack in 48 hours, since over the weekend one of the glass doors of an ATM cubicle, located on Avenida Machala and 9 de Octubre, was destroyed.

Zone 8 had an average of five murders per day during January; there were 61 more cases than in 2022

It is still unknown if she was shot or the attack occurred with a stone.

However, on Sunday morning the ATMs were enabled, users entered and left there. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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