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How to start using retinol so as not to harm yourself? Follow these 3 rules and the results will be insane

Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that has a beneficial effect on the skin. It not only inhibits the aging process, but also evens out the color, brightens discolorations and regenerates the epidermis, also after post-acne changes. How to use it to get the best results?

Retinol side effects. How to protect yourself from them?

Despite so many beneficial properties, many people give up using retinol. All because of the side effects that may appear during the first weeks of usewhen we don’t do it right. Belong to them:

  • baking,
  • reddening,
  • peeling of the epidermis,
  • hypersensitivity.

It turns out that the most common reason for their occurrence is the fact that few people know how to start their adventure with retinol. Fortunately, there are simple tricks that will not only minimize the unpleasant sensations, but in many cases will prevent them from happening at all. What should you remember?

Three steps to spectacular effects. Don’t make these mistakes and retinol will do wonders for your face

  1. When buying retinol, start with a small concentration. Thanks to this, you can gradually get your mouth used to its use. Ideally, it should not exceed 0.1-0.3 percent. You can also use products in which retinol is just an additive, and the rest of the ingredients will make you respond well to it.
  2. Both at the beginning of your journey and at an advanced stage, apply it sparingly. “Less is more,” explains dermatologist Sam Ellis, quoted by . The specialist advises you to use a portion that covers half of your fingertip at a time.
  3. should be applied to a properly prepared face. – Wait 15-30 minutes after washing your face before applying a cosmetic with retinol, the specialist advises. In between treatments, remember to moisturize it properly. Use delicate, soothing, regenerating and highly moisturizing products. Take appropriate, several-day breaks between treatments. When you start, they should be longer so that the skin has a chance to regenerate and get used to it. Don’t forget about regularity!

Source: Gazeta


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