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Restaurant critic Ivanova-Isaeva will talk about the winter soup set of “freezing” France

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In the St. Petersburg art space mArs (Marsovo Pole, 3) on Friday, February 3, a delicious meeting-tasting with restaurant critic Tamara Ivanova-Isaeva “From broth to dubarry: winter soup set of” freezing “France” will take place. The event will be held as part of the project “Kvartirnik”. The start is at 19:00.

It is generally accepted that the main “soup” countries are Slavic. Ukrainian, Russian and Polish borsch, Russian cabbage soup, hodgepodges and pickles – well, who else can compare with such a hot variety of “first courses”. But winter is the “time of the first” not only for cold countries. And one of the countries that can challenge Eastern and Northern Europe in terms of the number and “celebrity” of soups is gastronomic France.

Soup for France is not at all the “first” of a complex daytime lunch, but a separate evening – and late – meal, designed to help relax after a hard day, and in winter – to replace a heating pad and a couple of degrees in heating. And the word “supper” (souper), used for a late meal, comes from the word soupe, which smoothly passed into many European languages, including Russian.

From the peasant onion that has become a classic in French cuisine, to the dubarry veloutee of cauliflower, potatoes and veal broth, named after Countess Marie-Jeanne Dubarry, née Bécu, whose culinary talents did not save her from the guillotine, this is only part of France’s long soup marathon .

About the basis of all soups – broth, about the exclusively winter pot-au-fe soup, known since the early Middle Ages and descending from ancient Roman stews, about the “correct” onion soup and other “soup” French traditions and will tell the guests of the “kvartirnik” Tamara Ivanova-Isaeva.

Well, what soup and what kind of wine we will try is a secret!

Tickets for the event can be purchased on TimePad or in advance of the event.

Source: Rosbalt


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