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The astrologer named the zodiac signs that make the best leaders

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Some people cannot even imagine that they will have to manage subordinates, while others make ideal managers. Astrologer Olga Soholtueva believes that it depends on the sign of the zodiac. Best of all, with leadership tasks, in her opinion, those whose signs are associated with leadership and the ability to ignite others with ideas cope, reports the Moscow 24 portal.

There are two such signs – Libra and Capricorn. According to the astrologer, representatives of both signs tend to go to the end no matter what, since their main task is to achieve the goal.

At the same time, Libra, for all its stability and rationality, is very empathic and tends to take into account the side of the opponent. They feel responsible for the team and are always ready to take others under their wing.

Capricorns cannot be called empathic, but they are business people who act strictly according to the rules. “Capricorns are able to keep a large team under control. They are characterized by professional pedantry, they do the work carefully and on time and take into account all the details of production processes. They always bring any business to the end, the astrologer emphasized. In her opinion, if Capricorn starts working even with the most neglected stage of production, he will be able to restore order, structure processes and pull the enterprise out of a loss-making state.

Source: Rosbalt


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