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Number of crimes against military service doubled in Russia

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In 2022, 3047 crimes against military service were registered in Russia (Chapter 33 of the Criminal Code). It is reported by RBC with reference to the information and analytical portal of legal statistics of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Compared to 2021, this value has doubled.

The lawyer Maxim Grebenyuk was the first to draw attention to the jump in statistics against the background of the SVO in Ukraine in his telegram channel “Military Ombudsman”.

According to the prosecutor’s office, 3,047 crimes were registered in the Russian army last year, of which 2,835 crimes were recognized as committed. In 2021, law enforcement officers registered 1,514 crimes against military service, of which 1,089 were committed.

Also in 2022, 444 crimes were registered related to the violation of the statutory rules of relations between military personnel in the absence of subordination relations between them (in 2021 – 442). The maximum punishment under this article of the Criminal Code (Article 335 of the Criminal Code) is 10 years in prison.

In addition, last year 81 crimes were registered that fall under the article on insulting military personnel (in 2021 – 49). The maximum punishment under this article (Article 336 of the Criminal Code) involves detention in a disciplinary military unit for up to 1 year.

Crimes against military service (Chapter 33 of the Criminal Code) are “crimes against the established procedure for military service committed by military personnel who are doing military service by conscription or under a contract, as well as by citizens who are in reserve during their military training.” This category includes 22 compositions. The most serious are desertion, unauthorized leaving of the place of service, hazing, desertion. The statistics of the Prosecutor General’s Office do not contain data on most of these categories of crimes.

According to Grebenyuk, the increase in the number of crimes against military service occurred under articles “Failure to comply with an order” (Article 332 of the Criminal Code) and “Unauthorized abandonment of a unit” (Article 337 of the Criminal Code).

“Under the conditions of the SVO, the need to modernize and bring military laws into line has certainly become more acute, and general attention to the subject inevitably affects statistics, when attention to violations is more intent,” said lawyer Alexei Gavrishev. Similarly, sanitary and epidemiological legislation was modernized during the pandemic, he added.

In September, the State Duma approved amendments to the Criminal Code, toughening penalties for actions related to military service and committed during periods of mobilization, martial law and wartime. In particular, the punishment for such crimes as leaving a unit or failing to appear on time for service, unauthorized departure, damage or destruction of military equipment has increased. The amendments also introduced several new articles to the criminal code: “Looting” and “Voluntary Surrender”.

Source: Rosbalt


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