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There are 24 days left for the elections in Ecuador and about 36% of MJRV have been trained;  know how to do it

There are 24 days left for the elections in Ecuador and about 36% of MJRV have been trained; know how to do it

The elections will be held on Sunday, February 5, 2023, and not all the members of the vote-receiving boards (MJRV) have yet been trained. In total there are 279,244 assigned for the day.

Counselor José Cabrera indicated that as of January 11, more than 90,000 members have been trained, a figure that represents about 36%. “Until the days before the elections, it is expected to train 100% of the MJRV, so that they can carry out their task effectively,” Cabrera mentioned.

The trainings are being developed in the electoral delegations, educational institutions and other assigned points. Here you can see the list.

The members of the boards receiving the vote will be in the electoral precincts for up to 16 hours this February 5, 2023

Those who do not train will have an economic sanction of 10% of the unified basic salary, that is, from $45. Furthermore, if the selected nor is he a member of the board, the fine is $67.50.

Also who sits on the board, but leave the process Before counting and packaging, they must pay a penalty ranging from 10 to 20 basic salaries, that is, $4,500 to $9,000. And yes, added to that, do not vote, this fine is $45.

This is the instructions received by the MJRV where they will see all the phases: installation, voting, scrutiny and packaging. Photo: Belén Zapata.

Two groups of people will be organized at each meeting. The first group will be made up of the president and a member, who will be in charge of scrutinizing the votes of the white ballot box, that is, prefects, mayors, councilors and members of parish councils. While the second group, made up of the secretary and two members, will scrutinize the ballots for the referendum and the three for the CPCCS, contained in the brown ballot box.

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For this day, MJRVs will receive a compensation of $40, which is expected to be paid in March 2023, according to Cabrera.

The members of the board will spend about 16 hours in the electoral precincts. This time was determined after carrying out six drills, said Luis Bonifaz, national technical coordinator of Electoral Processes of the National Electoral Council (CNE). It means that they will be there from 07:00 to 23:00, approximately.

If these $40 are divided between the 16 hours that the MJRV are expected to be, it means that for every 60 minutes it is $2.50. But if we compare this to the hourly pay for a base salary of $450, it ends up being less. The value per hour is $2.81.

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The MJRVs they will have to process the results of eight electoral ballots: of prefects, mayors, councilors and members of parish councils; the three from the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control (CPCCS); and that of the referendum proposed by the Government. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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