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After her break with Piqué, Shakira bets on spite to create successful songs, in addition to ‘Session No. 53’ with Bizarrap

After her break with Piqué, Shakira bets on spite to create successful songs, in addition to ‘Session No. 53’ with Bizarrap

“Women no longer cry, now they bill”, sings Shakira in her most recent song. And she proves it with every song she’s released since it was rumored and then she confirmed her turbulent split with the soccer player. Gerard Piqué. It is that the Colombian singer has bet on spite in the last year of her artistic creation to carry out heartbreak songs that have become immediate and viral hits.

“Good luck with my supposed replacement,” Shakira sings to Piqué in her song with Bizarrap, where she also mentions Clara Chía as ‘clara (mente)’

The current bomb of his animosity has just been presented this week with the Session No. 53a new song with the Argentine producer bizarre. The composition by far is an obvious and above all of course (as the name of Piqué’s new girlfriend) message to her ex-partner, whom the pop star hoped would “salt-pique” the matter, since it is strongly ventilated that the breakup was due to infidelity on his part.

Certainly, after their separation, Shakira, like the rest of mortals, was presented with two options: throw yourself into pain or take it and turn it into something productive. And she chose the latter, doing what she knows best: writing songs. And although some dare to affirm that he is monetizing her sadness, the truth is that each release has become a viral hit. Everyone wants to hear what she has to say in each letter and everyone wants to talk about it.

Why does Shakira refer to himself as ‘una loba’ in his new song with Bizarrap?

And less true is that in each stanza Shakira also wants to reflect on regaining confidence and feeling empowered, even after the worst breakups, like yours, media to the point of not being able to. These are the melodies in which he has told us his story.

Session No. 53along with Bizarrap

It all started with an exchange of messages on social networks between the Colombian and the Argentine. But they were serious until they brought us this week’s hit with a festive and explosive session in the well-known and viral format of the Argentine producer, the music sessions.

With the well-known Bizarrap synthesizers, Shakira set fire to the father of her children Sasha and Milán and with whom she lasted in a relationship (12 years). The Catalan’s new partner was also the target of her few subtle darts.

“I understood that it’s not my fault that they criticize you / I only make music, sorry that you get salty… it stings,” Shakira sings. At the close of this note, the video of this collaboration had more than 34 million views.

Everything that Shakira reveals at the premiere of ‘Monotonía’: In the video for the song, she suggests that she does not want to fall in love again, after the infidelity of the “narcissist” Piqué

Monotonytogether with Ozuna

Although it is not the first heartbreak song in this last stage of Shakira, it has been one of the darkest, he told the magazine elle. The production was surrounded not only by his family problems, but also by his conflicts with the Treasury and the breakdown of health with his father.

Heartbreak and breakup were also the central axis of Monotonysong by the Colombian singer, released in October 2022, along with the Puerto Rican ozuna. In this song, Shakira speaks without filters about how her heart was broken.

In Monotony, the artist makes a harsh account of the breakup of her relationship, singing how “what was incredible one day became routine.” Sony Music said that Monotony it was biggest female solo debut on YouTube.

Shakira admits that ‘I congratulate you’ does talk about Gerard Piqué: “If the glove fits you, it fits you”

I congratulate youtogether with Rauw Alejandro

“To complete you I broke into pieces / They warned me but I did not listen”…

This was the first song of this stage of heartbreak in which the Colombian spoke of the disappointment and deceit of her ex-partner, although the noisy separation had not yet been confirmed. Many believe that with the emergence of this melody

Together with Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro, Shakira released a song with catchy lyrics and a music video full of dance and color, which quickly went viral.

Why is Shakira called the Latin Amber Heard? Users in networks insist that it is necessary to know the other side of the story of the break with Piqué

Other songs

Since she began her career, Shakira has accompanied us on more than one occasion in moments of heartbreak and spite with hymns that continue to shock us through the decades. These are other songs with which Shakira speaks to broken hearts.

The lyrics of the song refer to a woman who tries to tell her partner that she does not want to continue with the relationship, and that the separation would be the best for them. Gustavo Cerati was the guest artist on this song (only on guitar and instruments, he does not appear in the video).

  • Most of his record Where are the thieves (1998)

Of the 11 songs that made up his fourth studio album, six sing to a love that is no longer. And of those six, If you go (1998) and Inevitable (1998) are the most moving. The first to a wounded woman who feels replaced by another, but she expresses her will to move on with her life.

The second song is a rock ballad that became one of Shakira’s biggest hits in Spanish. In this composition, the artist addresses the theme of heartbreak, acknowledging her defects and that she cannot forget her ex-partner, but she is resigned to the fact that they will never be together again.

One of the most famous Colombian songs. In several concerts, Shakira has told that she wrote this pop ballad when she was a teenager and talks about her first great love and how she changes her life without him.

Source: Eluniverso

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