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Crashes and overturning occurred in Quito during the rainy weekend

Crashes and overturning occurred in Quito during the rainy weekend

The intense rain registered in Quito and its valleys has been one of the reasons for traffic accidents to occur, the wet road and the inexperience of some drivers ended with several emergencies reported in Quito during this Saturday, January 14 and Sunday, January 15.

The Quito Fire Department (CBQ) reported that at least six traffic accidents were reported from Saturday morning until today morning.

The ECU911 Integrated Security Service reported a total of 91 traffic-related emergencies. These include lane loss, side collisions, collisions, rollovers, and crashes. On Saturday, 54 emergencies were reported and until Sunday noon there were 37 calls.

Among the most relevant cases is the crash of a truck against a tree. The incident occurred this Sunday morning on Simón Bolívar avenue, at the entrance to the Monteolivo cemetery, in the north of Quito.

Three people were injured, one of them got out by his own means. However, the other two had to be rescued with extrication techniques, as their legs were trapped between the metals.

The two injured presented multiple bruises, one suffered a serious head injury, had to be stabilized and transferred to the Pablo Arturo Suárez hospital.

Rains in Quito and the valleys caused flooding in various sectors

Another accident occurred on Saturday night. Two light vehicles collided on Maldonado and Susana Letor avenues, in the south of Quito.

In this incident, a person who was trapped as a result of the impact also had to be rescued.

In addition, on the road to the Mariscal Sucre airport, in Tababela, a taxi overturned. Two people were injured, who were stabilized and transferred to a health home.

The road was left with oil and fuel, so the firefighters had to clean the road to make it safe.

Sunday walk in Quito will change its route due to street work

The authorities asked drivers to take caution on the roads, due to the rain, drive at low speeds, check the condition of the tires and not look at the cell phone while driving. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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