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A 17-year-old boy was shot dead in front of an educational establishment in Esmeraldas

A 17-year-old boy was shot dead in front of an educational establishment in Esmeraldas

Jeriko Ibarbo González, 17, was killed with five bullet wounds when he was talking with a group of friends at the corner of Río Teaone and Río Quinindé streets, in the Santas Vainas neighborhood, in the city of Esmeraldas.

The homicide occurred at 9:00 p.m. this Saturday, January 14, according to the ECU911 alert reported by the Subzone 1 Police.

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The young man died on the public highway in front of the Francisco Mejía Educational Unit, after trying to flee from two individuals who were traveling on a motorcycle and who shot him several times.

The projectiles impacted different parts of the body of the now deceased, according to the preliminary report of the Criminalistics, Dinased and Antinarcotics agents, who arrived for the procedure at the crime scene.

Relatives of the young man and residents of the sector indicated that they heard detonations and that the attackers fled the scene on a motorcycle.

Six ballistic indications were found by investigators. The victim had no criminal record.

This is the third homicide in 24 hours in the city of Esmeraldas and Tachina, while eleven violent deaths were registered in the first two weeks of this month in this northern border province.

police results

Police Zone 1 revealed that between the 1st and 13th of this month, 1,315 operations were carried out in which 40 people were arrested for different reasons. They also seized 19 firearms, 36 bladed weapons and 197 ammunition.

Meanwhile, 6 vehicles and 18 motorcycles were recovered, 12 cars and 235 motorcycles were seized and 162 grams of controlled substances were seized.

This weekend, the Police and Armed Forces arrested four citizens in Atacames, Quinindé and Rioverde for carrying weapons and recovered vehicles, apparently stolen.

In the area of ​​the Lagarto parish, north of this province, a man was arrested for the alleged crime of possession and carrying a firearm and as evidence they found a firearm, 3 feeders, 32 ammunition, 2 communication radios and cash.

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In the San Martín de Porres neighborhood, of the Viche parish (Quinindé), a citizen of Colombian nationality was arrested and a white motorcycle reported stolen in the El Mirador compound was recovered.

In this same canton, in various raids, a truck-type vehicle, a car with its adulterated chassis alphanumeric series and a type vehicle were recovered. jeep with adulterated plaque.

In Atacames, two men with a suspicious attitude were found with two knife-type bladed weapons. (YO)

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