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An AMT agent stopped a van with students and moved it on a platform;  the entity spoke

An AMT agent stopped a van with students and moved it on a platform; the entity spoke

The trip of a group of students to their educational institution was stopped by a server from the Metropolitan Transit Agency.

It was the rainy morning of Tuesday, January 10, 2023, the mirror of the van that was transporting the students had a broken rearview mirror, for which reason the agent stopped the vehicle.

An agent was patrolling Mariscal Sucre avenue, in the El Condado sector, in northern Quito. Upon stopping the driver, he arranged for the vehicle to be transferred to the Bicentennial vehicle retention yard, located in the old airport.

This case went viral on social networks on the morning of Friday, January 13, as a video was released in which an AMT supervisory agent asked the children aboard the unit to calm down, while it was still on the platform.

The AMT issued a statement informing that it was a bad procedure and that once the vehicle arrived at the retention center, its immediate release was arranged and the students were escorted to their institution.

It was also announced that they have initiated an administrative process against the agent, since he would have violated the rights of children and acted against the guidelines of the institution.

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Fernando Álvarez, director of Internal Affairs of the AMT, told this newspaper that it was a bad procedure carried out by the agent, that he should not have raised the vehicle on the platform, but that it was his obligation to accompany the van to the educational institution, wait for the children to enter the educational center and the due process is taken.

Article 389, numeral 7 of the Comprehensive Organic Criminal Code (COIP) establishes that when committing a fourth class offense they will be penalized with a fine equivalent to thirty percent of a unified basic salary of the worker in general. The driver who drives a motor vehicle that does not comply with the appropriate technical-mechanical standards and conditions as established by the respective traffic regulations, and must also retain the vehicle until the cause of the infraction is overcome. That is, a fine of $135 and retention of the vehicle.

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It was also said that they contacted the educational institution and that they offered the pertinent apologies for what the students had to go through. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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