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Milenium Clinic, state-of-the-art medical equipment and patient care with humanitarian service

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At Clínica Milenium the priority is the patient; his strength, for 17 years, is his gift of service with personalized attention.

They have emergency areas, providing care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, thinking of covering all the needs of medical studies, they are in constant technological innovation in diagnostic imaging. Currently they have acquired the magnetic resonator Philips Ingenia Prodiva 1.5Tone of the most modern resonators in the country, the tomograph Philips Access CT 32 and an angiographer Philips Azurion 5.

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The medical director, Dr. Juan Carlos Estrada Aguirre, proudly expresses that he is passionate about his work, helping others, and everything they have achieved over the years. “We have been able to distinguish between being efficient and being effective, and that is our strength,” he says. He explains that efficiency lies in the care and administration of resources, in such a way that the patient always feels well cared for, but also that the doctor feels that he is being valued with the opportunity to work in an institution that cares for him. supports.

Estrada reveals that thanks to this efficiency they have been able to accommodate themselves and have a good relationship with all private insurers.

Meanwhile, for Ing. Verónica López Uscocovich, administrative director, having an excellent human resource and suppliers is essential to be able to provide the desired service, maintain that chain that ensures good products, supply and credit management.

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“During these 17 years and even during the pandemic, our staff has received everything on time, everything that the law indicates, we also care that they have training, material resources they need to work, schedules that can be accommodated, support for them to finish their studies, we are interested in them coming to work happy”, explains López.

All this management translates into obtaining the ISO 9001: 2015 Certification in Medical Care in Surgery and Hospitalization, endorsed by Bureau Veritas for 15 years, which guarantees good practices in its processes.

Services and certifications

The staff It is made up of qualified and certified doctors to provide quality service in general surgery; laparoscopic surgery; urological surgery with high-tech equipment (holmium laser, extracorporeal lithotripter, flexible ureterorenoscope, cystoscope, bipolar resectoscope); trauma surgery (arthroscopy of all limbs is performed); trauma procedure; gynecology (births, caesarean sections and all gynecological procedures); neurosurgery; vascular and endovascular surgery; reconstructive plastic surgery; Otorhinolaryngology; ophthalmic surgery; maxillofacial Surgery; odontology; physical therapy; gastroenterology; cardiology; anesthesia; pediatrics; neurology; fertility service; digital x-ray service; 4D ultrasound; electrocardiogram; magnetic resonance imaging MRI; Computed axial tomography; clinical laboratory tests; first specialized high-end technology center in Ecuador for the study of breasts. In addition, a high percentage of doctors perform bariatric surgeries on a daily basis at the clinic.


Clínica Milenium is ready to provide ambulatory procedures, critical care and hospitalization in spacious adequate facilities in 2 towers (4 and 6 floors). It has 1 clinical laboratory, 6 operating rooms, 21 private rooms, 5 suites, 17 medical offices, 24/7 emergency room, critical care unit, respiratory therapy service.

“Citizens should know that the concept of our clinic is that everyone feels satisfied with the care, those with financial resources, those who make use of their private insurance, those with few resources, everyone, because we all like that treat us well.”

Dr. Juan Carlos Estrada Aguirre, medical director – Milenium Clinic

Source: Eluniverso

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