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Do you want your hands not to reveal your age? These are the tips to rejuvenate them and take years away from them

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In addition to the identification document, the hands are great tellers of our age, because over the years and if we do not give them the care they deserve, they will easily make us discover how old we are.

Despite the fact that the hands are one of the parts of the body that we use the most, their care is always overlooked, since most of the time we focus more on protecting the neck, shoulders and face than on the hands themselves.

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Why do hands wrinkle?

The ABC Bienestar portal explains that the skin of the hands is very thin, therefore it does not retain almost any water, it also has few sebaceous glands and, therefore, its adipose tissue is very fragile.

As their skin is very thin, the appearance of the hands is more affected by the sun than other areas of the face and body. In addition, the hands are exposed to contact with chemical products when we wash or scrub.

How to take care of our hands?

  • Proper hand hygiene is necessary.
  • An appropriate soap must be used and a complete rinse and dry must be carried out.
  • Then we must apply a moisturizer suitable for our skin type.
  • It is very important not to forget to protect them from solar radiation with protectors.

Main signs of aging in the hands

  • The main sign of aging skin on the hands is the appearance of spots.
  • These are brown, and larger than the freckles that appear due to age and sun exposure.
  • Another sign associated with aging in the hands is the loss of skin density.
  • The skin on the hands becomes thinner and consequently wrinkles easily.

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