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Is it bad to eat melon at night? This is the explanation that demolishes the myth

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With the high temperatures that are recorded in summer, people are always looking to taste refreshing foods and the best ones are undoubtedly fruits, because in addition to being cheaper, they generate many benefits for the body and are delicious.

One of the best fruits to taste from a salad to a smoothie is the melon. However, there is a myth regarding this fruit, as many say that it should not be consumed at night since doing so before bedtime would cause poor digestion and heaviness.

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Foods that should not be stored in the refrigerator

The melon neither ferments in the stomach after dinner nor has it been shown that it is worse to eat it at night. Photo: Pexels.

“The melon, in the morning gold, in the afternoon, silver, and at night, kills”, is a very popular reflection, but the pharmaceutical Boticaria García assures that this is not true, since there is no study that supports this myth.

“The melon does not ferment in the stomach after dinner, nor has any reason been shown why it is worse to eat melon at night than during the day,” the pharmacist told the Women Shealthmag portal.

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Likewise, the specialist pointed out that the consumption of watermelon at night does not cause burning in the stomach or heaviness.

Always choose the one on top, since these suffer fewer blows and are usually in better condition. Photo: Pexels.

How to choose a good melon

Boticaria García also offered a series of tips that should be taken into account when buying a melon at the supermarket.

  • Always choose the one on top, since these suffer fewer blows and are usually in better condition.
  • Discard the ones with flaws. In addition, he clarifies that you can buy those that have a lighter spot, since these are not symptoms of what is wrong, but rather it is the area that rested on the ground during cultivation.
  • The stem area should smell fresh.
  • It is important to choose those with a moderate color, since the intense green melons are not yet ready.


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