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Halle Berry reveals her sports and exercise routine to have an impactful body at 56

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In Hollywood there are stars that never stop shining and Halle Berry is one of those luminaries who can boast of having a privileged place in the history of the seventh art. She won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and an Emmy.

From her role as Catwoman she has been dazzling with her talent and her physique, in each movie, each red carpet where she appears or as the protagonist of countless magazine covers, it does not matter if she wears a bikini, a dress or a full suit, she always highlights her firm abdomen, her shapely and unbeatable figure.

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Halle Berry will pay her ex-boyfriend $200,000 a year in pension

The renowned actress could also be worthy of another special award for preserving such a stunning figure, despite having turned 56 years old on August 14, 2022.

Some time ago he had an obsession with doing sit-ups to train his core, but stopped doing them after starting his training with actor Peter Lee Thomas.

The actress also performs cardiovascular exercises, strength series, some mixed martial arts.
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The actress stated that sometimes she holds a board for as long as she can. Her abs start to hurt first, but pretty soon her whole body feels like it’s on fire.

He’s decided to trade in pesky, painful crunches for full-body exercises that work the rest of his muscles, too — planks are his favorite, Viveusa posted.

Halle Berry’s routine to have a great body at 56

  • 40 lunges with bicep curls, using ankle and wrist weights, and holding foam dumbbells.
  • 20 squats using a butt band and holding the foam dumbbells.
  • 38 lunges with bicep curls.
  • 19 squats to overhead presses.
  • 36 lunges with bicep curls.
  • 18 squats to overhead presses.

The actress also performs cardiovascular exercises, strength series, some mixed martial arts and her favorite: Boxing.

Berry said she has been boxing for the past 10 years and loves it as she is always learning a new way to challenge herself and build new muscles.

Similarly, Berry is also a fan of yoga and tries to do some routines before starting with high-intensity exercises.


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