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These are the steps to detoxify the body after a weekend of excesses

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Normally, binge eating and weekend excesses always leave a few extra pounds and often an unpleasant bloated feeling. But calm down, everything has a solution. This list offers some recommendations to detoxify and return to normality.

How to detoxify the body after a weekend of excesses

Drink a lot of water

Drinking water between meals, as well as before and after meals, helps digestion, prevents constipation and helps eliminate fluids. But how much? “About eight glasses,” they indicate. We can also consume it in the form of green tea, red tea or horsetail infusions.

Drinking water between meals as well as before and after meals helps digestion, prevents constipation Photo: Pexels.

Fruits, vegetables and vegetables

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You will get the benefit of the contribution of vitamins, minerals, macronutrients and fiber necessary for the proper functioning of our body. By the way, the fruit is best taken whole instead of in juice.

What ingredients should a healthy dinner have? It really depends on your diet, your goals, and your lifestyle. Photo: Alexander Spatari

eat home cooked food

The cooking must be as simple as possible such as grilled, steamed or cooked. With a little oil, preferably olive oil, and in adequate amounts to satisfy us without excesses.

five daily meals

This will help you stay full and not overeat at the next meal. There is no need to skip meals, such as the afternoon snack, or have a mid-morning snack. A fruit, a few nuts or 1 low-fat yogurt are ideal options for these moments.

Forbidden food

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It is necessary to eliminate the consumption of sugary/sweetened or alcoholic beverages, as well as snack-type products, fatty sausages, fried, battered, breaded and all those industrialized foods that contain a large amount of sugars, fats, additives.

It is necessary to eliminate the consumption of processed and preserved foods. Photo: Deagreez

Variety feeding

A rich and varied diet is the best antidote to boredom, which often leads to abandoning a diet, the same specialists warn, Diario de Cuyo review.

Physical exercise

If in a detox period we add daily exercise adapted to each one, such as a good walk, the effect will be much more positive, say the specialists.

At mealtime, we must remember that we must always include raw vegetables, such as a salad. Photo: Sasithorn Phuapankasemsuk

detox diet

  • Breakfast: The best way to start the day is a breakfast with fresh fruit, cereals (whole-grain toast with olive oil or oatmeal) and a dairy product. If you drink coffee or infusions, it is better to leave sugar aside.
  • Lunch: At mealtime, we must remember that we should always include vegetables (it is recommended that we eat raw vegetables at least once a day, such as a salad), preferably whole-grain carbohydrates (pasta, rice, bread, legumes) and vegetable or animal protein. . For dessert, a fruit is ideal.
  • Dinner: For dinner we will also have vegetables and protein, with a smaller portion of carbohydrates than at noon. A salad or some steamed vegetables with some grilled fish, turkey or chicken, or a tortilla, and a 2-finger piece of whole wheat bread are perfect for before bed.


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