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Comptroller: there are 1,746 works paralyzed and not executed until March for S/ 22,902 million

Comptroller: there are 1,746 works paralyzed and not executed until March for S/ 22,902 million

The Comptroller General of the Republic reported that, as of March 31, 2023, there are a total of 1,746 paralyzed public works nationwide, which have not been completed and have not reported any progress in their physical execution for more than six months, mainly in the departments of Cusco, Puno, Lima, Cajamarca and Ancash.

These works have a total investment amount of S/ 22,902 million, of which a balance of more than S/ 10,724 million remains to be executed, as of March 31, 2023.

According to the Report on paralyzed works in the national territory as of March 2023, the departments with the highest number of paralyzed investments are Cusco (297 works), Puno (220), Lima (111), Cajamarca (107) and Áncash (102). While Callao (6), Tumbes (10), Madre de Dios (14), Ucayali (17) and Ica (26) register the fewest paralyzed works.

This information is based on the analysis and verification of the information registered in official State sources, such as the National System of Public Works (Infobras), the Investment Monitoring System (SSI), the Integrated Financial Administration System (SIAF) and the Monitor system where the Reconstruction with Changes (RCC) works are registered, information that has been verified by Institutional Control Bodies at the national level

By level of government, the largest number of paralyzed works correspond to local governments (1,252 works for S/ 5,327 million), followed by national government entities (313 works for S/ 11,871 million) and regional governments (181 works for S / 5,703 million).

Comptroller: Transportation sector stopped

The sector most affected by these stoppages is Transportation and Communications, which brings together the largest number of public works stopped (472), which represents 27% of the national total. Of these investments, 373 works correspond to Local Government entities, 50 to Regional Government entities and 49 to National Government entities.

The second sector affected is Housing, Construction and Sanitation, with 403 paralyzed public works, which represents 23.1% of the national total. Of these, 312 works correspond to Local Government entities, 22 to Regional Government entities and 69 to the National Government. It is followed by the Agriculture (211), Education (154), Culture (116) and Health (76) sectors.

According to the information registered by the entities themselves, the works are paralyzed due to the lack of financial resources and liquidity (19.9%), contractual breaches (17.6%), discrepancies, controversies and arbitrations (5.5 %), among other causes, such as social conflicts (1.5%) or climatic events (1.6%).

Of the total works stopped, 120 correspond to Reconstruction with Changes, for an investment of S/ 3,080 million, of which 49.5% correspond to the National Government, 12.6% to the Regional Government and 37.9% to the Governments Local.

The data

As of December 2022, the paralyzed public works, according to reports from the Comptroller General, amounted to 1,879, at the three levels of government, for an investment amount of more than S/ 21,595 million.

Source: Larepublica

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