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Aiora Renteria, singer of Zea Mays, retires for a time from the stage after a cancer

The singer and songwriter of the well-known rock group Zea Mays, Aiora Renteria, has announced that it has decided to move away “for a time” from the stage after being emergency surgery for uterine cancer.

As the Bilbao vocalist has announced on social networks, “everything has gone well. Even so, I have decided to stay away from the stage for a while, putting my personal care at the center,” he indicated.

After the announcement, the signs of affection have not been long in arriving. Thus, Renteria thanked all the support received and pointed out that music, which she describes as a “traveling companion”, is also “being a fundamental cure”.

“Life is a continuous change and as a group we have to adapt to a new situation. The body that sustains me and gives me strength on stage has asked me for priority,” said the singer who leads the Bilbao band formed in 1997.

In addition to the followers of Zea Mays, numerous groups and soloists from Euskal Herria have shown their support for the Bilbao singer, such as Gatibu, Bulego, Izaro Andrés and Gorka Urbizu.

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