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‘In Ecuavisa we are in mourning’, ‘A good man has left’, this is how Alfredo Pinoargote’s colleagues say goodbye

‘In Ecuavisa we are in mourning’, ‘A good man has left’, this is how Alfredo Pinoargote’s colleagues say goodbye

This morning the unfortunate departure of Alfredo Pinoargote Cevallos, director of Direct contact from Ecuavisa; whose death occurred in Samborondón, province of Guayas.

Alfredo Pinoargote Cevallos passed away

Some of those who were his colleagues in the media took to social networks to express their messages of condolence and words of affection for his family.

One of them was Tanya Tinoco, who sent a supportive hug for their children. “In Ecuavisa we are in mourning. In journalism and in the country too. Peace in the grave of Alfredo Pinoargote Cevallos, who passed away this morning surrounded by the love of his children”he wrote on his Twitter account.

In the same way he described him as a person and professional. “We could disagree with his opinion, but a valid opinion. His brilliant mind, his advanced ideas, his strong defense of democracy, will not allow us to forget the legacy of Alfredo Pinoargote”he added.

Theresa Grove, who was also part of Ecuavisa, he referred to him as a good teacher and trainer of communicators. “Journalist of acute intelligence and tireless fighter for the causes and values ​​on which democracy is based”, the communicator said.

Meanwhile, who was his partner in direct contact, Stefani Espin, He confessed to having his heart in mourning. “A great man has gone. Teacher, companion and special friend”reads a story on his Instagram.

“There is so much to say but for now there are no words… I stay like this. Holding my hand, from day one and forever.” wrote in the description of a photograph in which the journalist is seen with Pinoargote.

The longest message came from the journalist Lenin Artieda, who published a photograph of the team of in direct contact, of which he is the presenter. “Today a good man has left, a thorough journalist, a teacher”, he began by saying in his message.

“Alfredo Pinoargote Cevallos was one of those beings to whom one had to pay all his attention in the dialogue to try not to miss the teaching that was implicit”, continuous.

The communicator reported that the last time he saw him in person was on Thursday, among other things, to talk about the next program and laugh a little. “Those of us who can proudly say that we work with him are certain that nothing or no one is going to fill that void and that now begins the duty of following his footsteps, of extolling his legacy”, he says in a snippet of his message.

Other personalities who knew or shared with Pinoargote also lamented his death. “Whoever passed through our life and left light will shine in our soul forever”said Maria Theresa Guerrero via Twitter.

“The news of the death of Alfredo Pinoargote is a source of sadness for all of us who admire journalism that is not afraid to question. It was a school for a whole generation.” expressed for his part Andersson Boscan.

Pinoargote income to Ecuavisa in 2003 to host and direct the opinion program behind the news Since 2009 he directed In direct contact.

Was columnist for Diario EL UNIVERSO and from the magazine Glance, of which years ago he was general editor. he was also ambassador to the European Union and the United Nations in Geneva.

Doctor of Jurisprudence. He was born in Esmeraldas on July 27, 1945. His wife was Margarita Maria Quiroz Heinertwho passed away in 2018. His son is Alfredo Pinoargote Quirozpresenter at Ecuavisa.

The wake will be in rooms 1 and 2 of the Parque de la Paz from 12:30 and the body mass present at 17:00. The funeral, relatives indicated, will be in the strictest privacy. (I)

Source: Eluniverso

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