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William and Catherine of Cambridge begin an official trip to the Caribbean

William and Catherine of Cambridge begin an official trip to the Caribbean

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine, will arrive in Belize this Saturday as part of an official seven-day trip through the Caribbean and the Atlantic, which will include visits to Jamaica and the Bahamas.

The activities will be varied in Belize and the security will be strict while the dukes visit interesting and historical places in the country.

Among the historical places that Guillermo and Catalina will visit in Belize are Mayan architectural ruins, where they will explore the culture of the Garifuna community, as well as the biodiversity of the Central American country.

The dukes’ agenda will also include knowing how Belize responded to covid-19, both the authorities and local communities, and the impact that the pandemic had on the Caribbean.

Another objective of the visit will be to delve into the work of the Royal Foundation in Belize, which includes the Earthshot award, sponsored by Prince William for its work in conservation of nature and biodiversity.

The Duke and Duchess’ visit to Belize is the first by a member of the British royal family since 2012, when Prince Harry visited the country as part of Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee.

The occasion marks the first leg of the Caribbean visit of the dukes in celebration of the platinum Jubilee of the monarch and William’s grandmother.

Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas were British colonies in the past and, although they became independent decades ago, Elizabeth II continues to hold the head of state.

At 96, the queen has assigned a large part of royal duties, such as these long trips, to other members of the royal family.

The queen herself has visited Belize a couple of times during her 70 years on the throne, as have other royals.

In April 2001, Princess Ana visited La Milpa, the third largest archaeological area in Belize, as well as several “milpas” (fields planted with corn).

Then, in March 2002, Prince Andrew inaugurated the third section of a motorway in the country that was subsidized by the United Kingdom. (I)

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