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Silvio Berlusconi and his young girlfriend say ‘yes’ in a symbolic wedding

Silvio Berlusconi and his young girlfriend say ‘yes’ in a symbolic wedding

The three-time former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, 85, and his current partner, the deputy of his Forza Italia party Marta Fascina, 32, today celebrated a symbolic union party, a “non-wedding”, as they have defined it. in the Italian press, in which all the historical friends of the tycoon and all his children were present, except for Pier Silvio due to covid.

More than a wedding, it will be a “festival of love”, as Silvio Berlusconi had defined it when, a few weeks ago, the rumor of his possible legal marriage with Marta Fascina circulated, although the inheritance problems that would derive from a legal union made the couple opted for this other option.

The party began at 1:00 p.m. at Villa Gernetto, one of Berlusconi’s mansions in the town of Gerno, in the province of Mónza (north) that the businessman wants to be the headquarters of his university dedicated to Political studies.

Between 50 and 70 people attended the party. Friends of a lifetime of “Il Cavaliere” were not lacking, such as the vice president of Forza Italia Antonio Tajani; party leaders Paolo Barelli and Annamaria Bernini and Licia Ronzulli; his personal doctor, Alberto Zangrillo and the representatives of his empire: the managing director of Fininvest, Danilo Pellegrino with the general director of Publitalia, Stefano Sala.

The newspaper “Corriere della Sera”, which reported all the details, explained that there was even a union celebration, without any legal value, in the small chapel of the mansion.

Berlusconi delivered his speech dedicated to his partner Marta, and before the first courses were served, he briefly took the floor again to greet and thank: “I am happy to have the people I love here with me on this day.”

Marta Fascina wore a white French lace dress, created by Antonio Riva, and Berlusconi wore a blue suit signed by Armani. For the occasion, Villa Gernetto was decorated with 150 statues, water features in the fountains and a cake-shaped jet in the main fountain.

The menu, which was prepared by the three Michelin star restaurant “Da Vittorio”, included some dishes such as ricotta and saffron potato ravioli, the famous “Paccheri Vittorio”, veal in red wine with black potatoes and carrot cream cinnamon, among others. And the three-tier wedding cake, like the three years they’ve been together.

The “husbands” had already exchanged their gifts a few days ago: a diamond ring for her and a plaster sculpture of the intertwining of two hands for him.

Berlusconi and Fascina began their relationship in 2020, when the media published photos of them both in Switzerland.

In these last two years, Fascina has always been by Berlusconi’s side, such as when he tried to run for President of the Republic in the last elections in January, a move that did not go well for the tycoon, as well as on the many occasions on which he has been hospitalized for health problems. (I)

Source: Eluniverso

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