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Do you have enough streaks on the floor?  This simple method will effectively solve your problem

Do you have enough streaks on the floor? This simple method will effectively solve your problem

Cleaning wooden floors turns out to be not such a simple task, if we do not use appropriate techniques, devices and preparations. It is worth remembering that wood does not like excess water, so the mop must always be carefully wrung out. What to use to clean the panels so that the floor after washing is free of streaks and stains?

Which mop will be perfect for cleaning floor panels?

Flat, strip or steam mops are best for cleaning wooden floors. This type of mop will perfectly clean the entire surface, reaching the joint line. The cleaning technique is very simple, and the washed floor should be wiped with a dry pad. Thanks to it, the floor will be perfectly clean, without streaks and stains. Instead of warm water, it is better to wash the panels with cold. The heat evaporates faster, and detergent residues may remain on the surface, creating streaks and stains.

What to clean a laminate floor with? Reach for universal and proven vinegar

Vinegar may be a method that can be effective in combating streaks, stains and unsightly marks. This universal cleaning product is also suitable for cleaning floor panels or wood. How to use vinegar to clean floors? It is enough to add a few tablespoons of vinegar to about 5 liters of water (2-3). The resulting solution will make the surface smooth and shiny after washing the floor with it. is for you and we write for you all the time on various topics. This does not mean, however, that Ukraine is relegated to the background. This is a current and very important issue all the time. You can find all the most important information here:,.

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