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French actor Alain Delon wants euthanasia: “It’s the most logical and natural thing”

French actor Alain Delon wants euthanasia: “It’s the most logical and natural thing”

The actor Alain Delon He suffered a stroke in August 2019. Despite his improvement, the Frenchman would have requested euthanasia. This was stated by his son Anthony Delo in a radio interview.

The also actor indicated that his father asked him to organize everything and accompany him to the end. “Yes, it’s true, he asked me for that (for euthanasia)”, he revealed in one of the media tours regarding the launch of his autobiographical book Between the dog and the wolf.

In previous interviews, the legendary Frenchman Alain Delon, 86, shared his position on the subject. “I am in favor (of euthanasia). First because I live in Switzerland, where euthanasia is legal, and also because I think it’s the most logical and natural thing to do.” Held.

“From a certain age, from a certain moment, one has the right to leave quietly, without going through hospitals, injections and the rest…”he added and indicated that he would have already prepared his will, in order to avoid family conflicts.

According to international media, in recent times Alain has shown improvement in his state of health; nowadays he walks with the help of a cane. “Getting old sucks!”, he said shortly before his hospitalization three years ago.

You can’t do anything about it. You lose face, you lose sight. You wake up and damn your ankle hurts”, he reproached at that time.

Alain Delon, the sacred monster of French cinema, received an honorary Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in May from his daughter Anouchka.

His wife Natalie Delon He passed away in January 2021, due to pancreatic cancer, when he was 80 years old. The French actress and director also wanted to apply euthanasia, but she finally died naturally. (I)

Source: Eluniverso

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