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Who was Matylda Krzesiñska?  The Polish woman seduced Tsar Nicholas II and outraged Russia

Who was Matylda Krzesiñska? The Polish woman seduced Tsar Nicholas II and outraged Russia

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Matylda Krzesińska was born in 1972. She was the daughter of dancers residing in St. Petersburg – Julia née Dymiński and Feliks Krzesiński – called “the king of the Polish mazurka”. The future ballerina began studying dance at the age of three. Her first teacher was her father, and in the following years she entered a ballet school.

“I fell in love with him instantly”

In 1890, after her diploma performance, Matylda met 22-year-old Mikołaj Aleksandrowicz Romanov. The ballerina fell in love with him at first sight. This is confirmed by the notes from her diary:

I don’t remember what we were talking about, but I fell in love with him instantly. Even today I can see his blue eyes with charming, kind eyes. He was no longer the heir to the throne for me, I forgot about it, and everything was like a dream.

In turn, he noted in his diary:

I definitely like Krzesińska.

Even so, their romance did not break out violently. At that time, the ballerina was still living with her parents. Eventually, however, she moved to a villa on the English Avenue, which had been rented by the Romanov manor. Thanks to this, lovers can develop their relationship.

In the years 1892-1893, their romance was no longer a secret. Therefore, it was said that Russia was in danger of endangering the succession to the throne. Seeing how the relationship with Krzesińska was developing, the parents of Tsarevich Mikołaj forced him to agree to marry the Hessian princess Alicja.

Nicholas’ wedding and compensation

The relationship of the ballerina and the Tsarevich ended in 1984. Mikołaj then became engaged to princess Alice. Interestingly, due to the end of the relationship, Matylda received not only the aforementioned villa, but also compensation in the amount of 100,000 rubles. Besides, as a former lover of the tsar, she could count on a privileged position on the St. Petersburg scene. If you believe the dancer’s report, she kept in correspondence with Mikołaj a moment after the break-up. The heir to the throne was to confess to her in one of the letters:

The days I spent with you will remain in my memory the most bright memory of my adolescence.

An affair that outraged the Russians

A few years ago, the movie “Matilda” about the romance between Matilda Krzesinska and Tsar Nicholas II was released in Russian cinemas. Even before its premiere, the picture sparked a wave of protests in Russia. Many people thought it was an iconoclastic film. Reason? In 2000, tsar Nicholas II, murdered by the Bolsheviks, was canonized and recognized as a tsarist saint. Thus, the love affair of the future tsar with a ballerina was very unpleasant for conservative and religious circles. A group of specialists in law, religion and psychology prepared even a 39-page expert opinion on the film. In their opinion, the painting clearly offends religious feelings and defiles the memory of the last tsar of Russia. And the Polish actress Michalina Olszańska, who plays the main character, is vulgar and behaves like a porn star.

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