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Kanye West now writes a somber poem about being ‘dead’

Kanye West now writes a somber poem about being ‘dead’

after your poem Divorcethe rapper Kanye West shared a somber new poem titled Dead, on Tuesday, in which he writes about not realizing that he has died.

“Nobody wanted to tell me that he was dead. / And only the people who would speak to me were in my head,” the poem begins. “Nobody wanted to tell me that he was dead. / Only people who loved me visit me in their dreams.”

The poem also alludes to his divorce from Kim Kardashian. and to his ownership of the family home when he writes: “My children would dance for me in a house I once ran.”

The end of the poem details how Yeezy’s fashion designer realizes his destiny. “I discovered one day at the newsstand in Purgatory that there was a front-page article on the story of my killers“, writes. “He was so surprised by what he was saying. / This information is for the living. / And, surprise… you’re dead.”

In the caption written next to the poem, West refused to explain the meaningbecause “the explanation destroys the mystery and magic of true love and puts it in a box that can be counted”.

However, the singer-songwriter Can’t tell me nothing, Touch the sky and dark-fantasy he did allude to having to defend your music video from Eazy, which features an animated doll resembling Kim’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, whom Ye buries alive and sings about wanting to “kick his ass.” On this occasion, the artist focused on discussing how to allow people to express themselves emotionally.

I feel frustrated to have to justify my expression, after more than 20 years of art that I have contributed to the planet“, wrote. “But I also see the need to make sure that we as a species are allowed to feel anything. Men who are not allowed to cry, celebrities who are not allowed to cry.”

West published the poems after a judge declared him and Kardashian legally single.

Source: Eluniverso

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