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Krystyna Meissner is dead.  The outstanding theater director was 89 years old

Krystyna Meissner is dead. The outstanding theater director was 89 years old

“We are deeply sad to inform you that today, at the age of 89, Krystyna Meissner, an outstanding theater director and creator and artistic director of the International Theater Festival, has passed away,” the MFT Dialog team announced on February 20 on Facebook.

“From the very beginning, the festival under her leadership was not only a place for presenting theatrical performances, but above all a space for free exchange of views and discussions on contemporary topics. At the same time, Krystyna Meissner kept her finger on the pulse of all changes and trends in the world of theatrical art, inviting ‘people to a dialogue’. ‘the most outstanding and courageous artists’ – we read in the entry.

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Krystyna Meissner. Who was she?

Krystyna Meissner was born on June 19, 1933. She graduated from Polish philology and directing studies at the State Higher School of Theater in Warsaw. She made her debut at the Ateneum Theater, where she presented as part of the so-called three plays of the workshop: “Escurial” by Michel de Ghelderode, “On the Sea” by Sławomir Mrożek and “Self-service” by Harold Pinter.

In the 1970s, she was associated with Television and the Polish Theater, where she made, among others “The Morality of Mrs. Dulska” by Gabriela Zapolska. Nina Andrycz played the main role at that time. Meissner then collaborated with various cultural institutions all over Poland. She worked as a director at the Teatr Dramatyczny im. Aleksander Węgierki in Białystok (1962-1964), Teatr Polski in Bydgoszcz (1965-1968), Teatr im. Wilam Horzyca in Toruń (1968-1969), the Polish Theater in Warsaw (1970-1980) and simultaneously the Dramatic Theater in Elbląg (September 1978-1980). For three years (1980-1983) she managed the Lubuskie Teatr im. Leon Kruczkowski in Zielona Góra. She was the general and artistic director of the Teatr im. Horzyca in Toruń.

In 1991, she established the “Kontakt” International Theater Festival, which quickly gained the rank of the most important theater festival in Central and Eastern Europe. In January 1999, it took over the helm of the Wrocław Contemporary Theater. Edmund Wierciński. She took up the post of the managing and artistic director. She held them until 2012. In 2001, she created the “Dialog-Wrocław” International Theater Festival, the aim of which was to bring artists from the West and the East together, to confront languages, styles, aesthetics and themes in a theater that is still divided

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