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Megaway sale in Lidl!  Practical home accessories from 8 zlotys.  You can find similar ones in Pepco and Biedronka

Megaway sale in Lidl! Practical home accessories from 8 zlotys. You can find similar ones in Pepco and Biedronka

Home accessories give the rooms character and are also practical elements of interior design. We present unique offers from Biedronka, Lidl and Pepco.

Lidl: home accessories sale. Amazing colors and materials

satin microfiber with dimensions of 40×40 cm are breathable models made with the use of recycled materials. The pillowcases, available in 2 pieces, are characterized by an elegant shine. The price for a two-pack is PLN 8.00.

home accessories lidl

Kitchen scale mechanical in pastel colors has a large and legible weighing scale. The measuring range is 5 kg. The price of this device is PLN 12.98.

home accessorieshome accessories lidl

Unique, with dimensions of 60×90 cm, it will fit perfectly into any interior. The model can also be placed on a chair or on the back of an armchair. Its price is PLN 22.50.

home accessorieshome accessories lidl

Ladybug: textiles in pastel shades that will be useful in every home

Universal mat for the bathroom is resistant to getting wet, temperature changes and cleaning agents. Its dimensions are 43×65 cm. The price of the mat is PLN 9.99.

Bathroom towels are soft and absorbent models made of cotton. The 50×90 cm model of the towel is available for PLN 19.99.

home accessorieshome accessories Ladybird

Satin bedding made of microfiber, it is made of a soft and pleasant to the touch material. The set includes two pillowcases with dimensions of 70×80 cm and a pillowcase for bedding with dimensions of 160×200 cm. Its price is PLN 59.90.

additivesadditives Ladybird

Pepco: accessories for the bathroom in an elegant style

Cosmetic mirror it will prove useful in many activities and it is handy. The round model in a black frame is available for PLN 8. The second rectangular model with rounded sides in a black border is also available for PLN 8.

Organizer for toothbrushes and soap dispenser it’s a way to organize in the bathroom. Elements in gray shade are available for PLN 10.

Bathroom rug it will complement the bathroom interior and will be a practical floor element. The 50×80 cm model is available in several color versions for PLN 25.

Elegant and minimalist bin for a bathroom in a black shade, it is a functional addition to the bathroom. Its price is PLN 30.

Toilet paper holder will work in a bathroom organization. It has space for additional paper rolls. Its price is PLN 20.

home accessorieshome accessories pepco

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