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This is how the other children of Elizabeth II look today

This is how the other children of Elizabeth II look today

In April of last year, the Duke of Edinburgh left the monarchy when he died on a Friday morning. just two months shy of his hundredth birthday.

Prince Felipe was born on the Greek island of Corfu on January 10, 1921 and came from a traditional family of European royalty, his father was Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, while his mother, Princess Alice, was the great-granddaughter of the renowned Queen Victoria.

in 1952 the couple’s life took an unexpected turn when his wife Elizabeth, heir to the British throne, started the longest reign in the history of the United Kingdom.

Queen Elizabeth II and Philip of Edinburgh, a love story that was born on a ship in 1939

At that time, the Duke of Edinburgh had to tell his partner about a delicate event, since the father of Queen Elizabeth, King George VI (1895-1952), had just died while resting at the Sandringham residence (in the east of England). So that she became the new head of state, the queen of the United Kingdom and from various countries of the British Commonwealth of Nations (Commonwealth).

From that moment on, the royal couple began a special process to consolidate the monarchy and adapt it to the changes that were going to take place. experience the UK over several decades.

Elizabeth II wants Camilla Parker Bowles to become queen consort

In the middle of the path and process in which they were involved, Queen Elizabeth II gave birth to four children.

The monarch granted Prince Charlescurrent heir to the Crownon November 14, 1948. Two years later the family received Princess Anne, on August 15, 1950.

The link between Queen Elizabeth II and Camilla of Cornwall’s first husband

Approximately ten years later the Majesties had their third child, on February 19, 1960, where they introduced Prince Andrew.

Four years after his birth, Prince Edward came into the world. his fourth and last childon March 10, 1964. (E)

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