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The most popular names for dogs in the world

The most popular names for dogs in the world

Find the ideal name for your pet.

There are tons of fun dog names around the world that can capture the spirit and heritage of a new puppy. Budget Direct asked content marketing agency Neomam Studios to search for the most popular ones around the world.

The most popular names for female dogs

The most popular name in Brazil is Mel. No, it is not the abbreviation for Melanie, it is the Portuguese word for Honey. Similarly, the main name in Iceland is Pearl.

10. Nina

9. Nala

8. Mine

7. Daisy

6. Kira

5. Lucy

4. Molly

3. Lola

2. Bella

1. Luna

As for the most popular names around the world, these are Luna and Bella. Luna is the most popular name for dogs in 16 countries and Bella in 14.

Names for dogs

Dogs are more likely to have human names with no other common meaning (unlike Bella or Luna, which function both as human names and as words). But there are exceptions. The most popular dog name in Turkey is Duman, which means smoke. Estonia has Leedi, and the Japanese like to call their male dogs Sora, which means Sun. In Lithuania, Draugas is another word for friend.

In its English version, Buddy is one of the only dog ‚Äč‚Äčnames in the top 10 that is not primarily a name word. Buddy is the most common male dog name in Indonesia and North Macedonia. Max is number one worldwide by a considerable margin. It’s the most common name in 13 countries and scores more than twice as many points as second-place Charlie.

10. Rex

9. Bruno

8. Leo

7. Toby

6. Milo

5. Jack

4. Rocky

3. Buddy

2. Charlie

1. Max

The study of the top 10 male and female dog names in each country was based on studies created by national dog registries, animal welfare charities and animal insurance providers (E)

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