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Gourman: The best burgers in town in Urdesa?

Gourman: The best burgers in town in Urdesa?

“We were at Jurgers Burger, and we probably came across the best burger joint in town, or in any case, one of the best, without a doubt.”

In front of the Urdesa park, on Circunvalación street, there are several small restaurants full of young and energetic people.

I must go back, since we only tried one of the two that had been recommended to me. We were in Jurgers Burger, and we probably came across the best burger joint in town, or in any case, one of the best, without a doubt.

They have a small cocktail menu and that’s how we started. I recommend the Moscow Mule, which was fantastic, and the Rum Fashioned, just like an Old Fashioned, Bitter and syrup, but rum instead of whiskey.

The women at the table liked the Jurger Spritz the most, made from Gin Crespo rosé, Martini and Ginger Beer.

The burger begins and ends with good meat. Bread is very important, But the centerpiece of the dish is the meat, perhaps the strength of Jurgers. They make them at home, grinding it themselves, using three different cuts. One lean and the other more fatty, all of national origin, to reach a percentage of fat in the final product close to 20%. In my opinion, the best hamburgers are those that are between 20 and 25%.

The meat does not have any seasoning or marinade, seasoned only when grilling.

Some of these burgers have cheddar cheese. Thank God they use good quality raw material, For this reason, the synthetic cheddar imitation cheese is not present, flavored with a mixture of coloring, salt and plastic, which the vast majority of restaurants tend to use, to which diners have unfortunately become accustomed.

The Smasher was my favorite. With potato bread, cheddar cheese, onions, pickles, and the “secret” sauce J Sauce, which is an evolution or variation of the tartar sauce.

The most interesting was the Cruncher, for the texture that the crunchy caramelized onions gave it, with a bread brioche very smooth and delicate, using a rare cheese in these combinations, Pepper Jack.

We also tried the so-called Jammer, more traditional, with cheddar cheese, bacon jam and J Sauce, sauce present in many of its preparations.

It would be ideal that when taking the order, the customer is given the option of choosing the term of his meat. When this is of good quality as in Jurger, it is preferable to eat it medium or three-quarters.

French fries are much better too than what is normally found in a hamburger joint, more cooked and crisp. Their sauces also make a difference. The baby potatoes have truffle oil and Parmesan cheese and the wild potatoes have cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and J Sauce. With a youthful, carefree and cozy decoration and atmosphere, Jurgers Burger is a good option.

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